Constant Complaining: It’s Bad For Business (Plus, SUPER Annoying)


Today, I’m calling out all the Negative Nancy’s. The grumps. The Bellyachers. You know the type. They’re constantly proclaiming how difficult life is, and spending all their time whining about it, instead of buckling down and being happy. Heck, you might even be one of them. Newsflash: you’re digging your own grave, and you’re pissing people off. Want to know the worst part? Those people will never be happy, unless they adjust their attitudes. Forget about being a successful, balanced business owner. Today, I’m setting out on a seemingly impossible mission. I want to change the lives of a few hopeless complainers. Will one of them be you?

When I say I’m every business owner’s biggest cheerleader, I’m not lying. I truly want everyone to succeed, and it would thrill me to be all rainbows, unicorns, and tea parties all the time. Yes, I’m one of those people at heart.

But, this is real life, and sometimes it isn’t pretty. Sometimes I have to sit down and dish out some tough love, because that’s the only way to really make a difference.

Today is one of those days.

If you’re someone who is a constant complainer, consider this your virtual time out. I’ve seen your statuses on Facebook, your sad quotes on Instagram. Read your “why me” emails. I answer your burning business questions, and hear you list all of the reasons why those things sound great, but you can’t do them, because of 1345 different purely bullshit excuses. I’m over it.

Not because I don’t love you, BECAUSE I love you.

I get it, sometimes life sucks. But the truth is, sometimes EVERYONE’s life sucks. Even those bright shiny people that you look at and secretly wish you could be. You seriously have no idea what people are going through behind closed doors.

That business owner in your town that does just what you do, only WAY better? Her children might hate her because she puts work first, and they were raised by the nanny. Maybe she’s going through a nasty divorce, because she neglected her spouse for too long, and now her business is all she has.

We all go through hard times. Loved ones abandon us. People we love die. Unexpected bumps popup that change our direction. It stinks. It’s sad. It’s life.


If you’re not willing to make changes to make your situations better, then stop complaining about it.

When something truly terrible happens, give yourself time to grieve. Be ok with not progressing, and do what you need to do to cope. Sometimes, it’s OK to say “I can’t do this and I need a break”. Do cut yourself some slack sometimes.

Don’t post vague statuses on Facebook willing people to ask you what is wrong. Please refrain from calling your best friend to ask her for advice, on the same issue you’ve been asking about for the past five years, because you never EVER take her advice. Don’t you dare ask another question about boosting your business, if you’re not willing to first sit down and pledge that you’ll start hustling to make it succeed.

Seriously, if you’re not willing to put in work, don’t waste other people’s time by asking for help. Instead, focus on the problem, which is “I JUST CAN’T SEEM TO GET MYSELF OUT OF THIS FUNK, AND I’M COMPLETELY UNMOTIVATED TO MAKE THE CHANGES I KNOW I NEED TO MAKE. HELP!”

If you’re not willing to change YOURSELF, you can’t be helped. There, I said it.

No one can help you, if you won’t help yourself.

When it comes to your business, the ability to think positive, accept responsibility, and change direction on a dime are priceless. Great business owners are determined to be successful, and are constantly polishing and perfecting themselves until they get it right. Then, they polish some more. They realize that whining won’t get them anywhere.

By the way, if you’re complaining, and not taking action, you’re whining.

For most of us, there will always be obstacles in our way, tempting us to throw a tantrum and let our business go to hell in a super fly Kate Spade handbag.

Don’t do it! Ask for help, focus on the solutions instead of the problems, and keep your trap shut when you’re tempted to whine all over creation about how unfair life is.

Did I mention asking for help? Because I believe that is the numero uno, most important thing you can do.

Do you ever find yourself incapable of following through and making the changes you know you desperately need to? I’d love to hear your stories!


Kimberly Hadyn

Kim is a business coach determined to help female entrepreneurs run successful, profitable businesses that are not only stress-free, but fun. She is passionate about finding ways to work smarter, not harder, so that she can spend time with her stud muffin and spunky, kind hearted daughter. Kim is a self-proclaimed organizational queen that is couldn't live without Lip Smackers chap stick, fresh flowers or dark chocolate. Real Simple Magazine is her guide to navigating life. Her true obsession lies in branding; she is every business owners biggest cheerleader!