Give Yourself The Badass Babe Treatment


You are a Badass. You are a Babe. You are a Badass Babe that demands respect. To get this respect, you have to give yourself the Badass Babe Treatment before anyone else will. You have to show others what a babe you are, and how you should be treated. Once they see you treating yourself like the badass you are, they will follow you (most of the time). If they still don’t, kick their ass out the door.

Here are the 5 steps of the Badass Babe Treatment:

Know your worth

The foundation of being a badass babe and owning it is to know you already are a badass, and you are already a babe. You deserve great things, and you can do anything you put your mind to. Remind yourself of all the amazing things you have accomplished, and all the kickass things you have in your life.

Treat your body and mind with respect

The second step is to not fuck around with yourself. Stop eating shitty food, stop being a lazy ass, and stop with the negative self-talk. Start eating healthy food you enjoy, start moving, and start talking positively to yourself. If there is something in your life you aren’t happy with, stop complaining, and do something about it.

Carry yourself like a boss

The third step is to carry yourself with confidence. Walk the walk. Talk the talk. Make eye contact. Put those shoulders back and hold your head high. Carry yourself like you own it, and others will see your confidence shine through. If you walk around with shoulders slumped and eyes at the ground, mumbling to people, you will get walked on as much as a Walmart door mat.

Spoil yourself

The fourth step is to pamper yourself. Buy yourself small gifts from time to time. Get massages, give yourself a manicure, surround yourself with beautiful things. Don’t wait for someone else to spoil you. Spoil yourself, and others will soon follow.

Don’t take other people’s shit

The final step is to stop taking other people’s shit. If someone talks down to you, don’t take it. If someone uses you, cut them out of your life. If someone is a dick to you every time you see them, confront them. Stop that shit in it’s tracks, or it will keep on happening. You deserve respect, and to get it, you must demand it.

You deserve respect, to feel confident, and to be happy with who you are. If you follow the 5 steps outlined above, you will be well on your way to kicking ass and being the badass babe you already are. You’ve got this, babe.

Mandy Grier

Mandy Grier is a tattooed, glitter loving, rock and roll girl at heart, who also happens to be a Certified Life Coach over at Reckless Bliss. She has always been a bit of a fire starter, and doesn’t believe in taking anyone’s shit. She believes strong, courageous and rebellious women can change the world. Her base camp is in the woods in Northern B.C. which she shares with her husband, son and two pug babies.

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