5 Tips to Bring Magic into Your Everyday Life

I believe magic can be anything, be found anywhere and that everyone needs a little of it in their lives. Magic is that feeling you get when you’ve seen a really great movie. It’s in the contented sigh when you’ve read an incredibly powerful book or played a game at takebacktheland.org. It’s in every happy tear and and hopeful smile. It’s part of your everyday life already. What I love about magic is that it’s seen as something otherworldly and fictional, but there’s something that attracts us to hearing stories about it. I believe you can manifest your own magic every day and it’s not just something to see from the sidelines. Maybe my type of magic isn’t the same as Harry Potter’s, but I just equate it with putting something a little positive into the world and in my own heart.

5 Tips to Bring Magic in To Your Life

With that in mind, here are a few ways you can create some magic (and positivity) in your every day life.

  • Read a tarot card a day for yourself. Yep, I said tarot cards. Run over to Barnes and Noble and grab a set with a book full of explanations and bring it home. Tarot can be whatever you want it to be, but I like to view it as drawing a message a day from my deck to keep my mind thinking about how I can be a better person, do a better job, and enjoy life more. Every morning I wake up, shuffle my deck, and pick a card. Then I look it up in the book my deck came with and contemplate what the meaning may be and what message I can take from that card and bring into my life that day. Again, it’s not about predicting the future. I see it as similar to starting off the day reading an inspirational quote. It centers me and allows me to start the day out on the right foot.
  • Start a gratitude practice! Nothing can make you feel more happy and present than taking some time each day or every week to reflect and be thankful for all the amazing things happening in the world and especially to you. If you have a tendency to see the negative all the time, creating a gratitude practice is a great way to get in the habit of looking for the positive in every thing that you do. Your gratitude practice can be anything. Get a blank journal and write down one thing at the end of every day you were thankful for. Sit down every morning and meditate for 5 minutes. Pray before you go to bed. Gratitude can happen in a variety of forms and you can manifest that kind of magic without any tools, but a few happy thoughts.
  • Celebrate the little things as much as the big things. Sure, winning a Grammy is obviously a big thing that must be celebrated, but what about the little things? Celebrate them too. The other night my husband made the most delicious chicken parmesan from scratch. It’s a small thing, but that stuff should be celebrated too. He’s a fantastic cook and comes up with all these amazing dishes from scratch with little effort. So when we’re eating that yummy dinner together I’m celebrating the simplicity of that moment with him as much as I am celebrating that big promotion, wedding, baby, etc.
  • Need a little magic and positivity in your relationship? Be thoughtful every time you mention your partner to other people. The more you speak of their positive attributes the easier it is to fall back in love with your partner. Be their biggest fan and most supportive person. Instead of spending time gabbing with your friends and complaining about all the bad things your partner does, tell them about how amazing they are instead.
  • READ! There is magic in reading, literally and figuratively. Reading is the number one way to level up your life. It’s simple and easy to do. Did you know that reading fiction increases your emotional intelligence? So break out Lord of the Rings, Hunger Games or my other favorite The Other Boleyn Girl and increase your emotional intelligence. Can you imagine the power you feel over yourself and that confidence you get when you better understand yourself and the people around you? Reading can give you that power. It makes you more in touch with your emotions and helps you understand others. Plus, statistically active readers are more likely to have incomes 5 times greater than those who don’t read. I think that’s pretty magical too…

Enjoy these tips. Get back to the simple stuff. Read fiction. Tell me, how do you bring magicinto your daily life?

Carrie Swails

As a photographer of offbeat and no-traditional weddings and a blogger educating other photographers I feel the most important things for you to know about me are that I have a birthmark in my armpit and I am a terrible mathematician. What I lack in understanding of complex theories such as Pi (clearly a food item - apple is my favorite) and invisible numbers (if I can't see them, why should I care?) I make up for in awesomesauce. I believe there is no right way to put the toilet paper on - I'm just happy it's available. I believe there's no such thing as a bad fortune in a fortune cookie. I believe we only live life once so we should wear costumes as often as possible. I believe wine is like the force - it has a light side and a dark side and it holds the universe together. I howl with my basset hound every morning, call my brother to beat video game bosses for me, and love eating fried cheese.