The Power of Touch

As I have written before, I spent almost 5 years in a nearly affectionless relationship. It wasn’t a complete drought. He would hug me when I forced it on him. Occasionally we would touch in our sleep. Sometimes he’d hold my hand – again, if I forced him to. But I can likely count the number of times we had sex on both hands … in 5 years.

When I read it on paper, I can’t believe I lived like that for so long but in many ways as I was going through it, it was more like death by a thousand cuts. At first, I barely noticed it. I mean, I knew we weren’t having sex. I knew that when I tried to initiate sex, it went nowhere, but I didn’t know just how much it was hurting me every day.

I would say that I became more and more aware of it about a year before our relationship ended. That was when I made the decision to stop forcing my husband to hug me. It started as a small experiment. If I stop touching him, how long will it be until he touches me? One day became 2, became a week, became a month and then I felt like I had my answer. I wasn’t making this up. This was actually the reality of our relationship. We were companions with a love of craft beer who lived in the same house but were not a romantic couple.

While much of what was going on between my ex-husband and me became obvious to me over time, what I didn’t notice until much later was the impact that this was having on all of my relationships. Some of which still ripples through today. I began to isolate myself from people. In the moments when I was so desperate for connection, I pulled away from people to whom I had been closest for years. I felt such deep shame about the state of my life that I believed no one could understand what I was going through. And since I had been so quiet about my unhappiness for so long, the few times I tried to let people in on the situation fell flat. I am sure they thought this was coming from left field, I was just having a bad day, when for me it was so deep and so bad that it had bubbled up to a point where I couldn’t keep quiet about it anymore. And every time I tried to share where I was and it fell flat, it confirmed what I believe to be true. I was really broken and at this point, unlovable. I had fallen into a self-perpetuating and vicious cycle that continued to reinforce itself thus isolating me even more.

The Power of Touch

For more days than not in 2013, I was angry when I woke up in the morning. Not because I was pissed at someone but because I was actually angry that I woke up. I wasn’t ready or willing to kill myself but if I had died by some other means, I would have felt intense relief. When I talked with people about how awful my 2013, many wrote off my pain and only saw the fact that I left my marriage and worked to make things better. While I made many positive steps, the pain that I went through to get there took such a profound toll on my spirit and soul that I know I will never be the same. Not necessarily better or worse but most certainly not the same person that I was before.

There was a lot of disconnection in our marriage but I feel like at the end of the day, our dysfunction and hence my pain came down to the simple lack of touch. Connection. Comfort. The power of touch. As I find myself in a newish relationship that is deeply rooted in affection and touch, I can see even more clearly now just how much damage years of isolation were for me. It’s just one of those things that is going to take me a while to heal from.

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