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When we first conceived of Vivid & Brave, a big part of what we both wanted for it was to create a community where creative women would have a place to talk about the things that really mattered to them, a place to inspire and be inspired by each other. Vivid & Brave has always been about telling your story – without apology, without fear of who may hear it, and we imagined an entire army of voices, speaking up, sharing, and building lives and careers which made the world take notice. A community of Universe Denters, if you will.

Vivid & Brave is a community. Something bigger than ourselves, and in order to build that we need many, many more voices.

That brings us to you. You, if you’re here, are someone we want to hear from. You’re here because your stories and your passions are important, and we can’t wait to hear them, and help you share them with the world.

About Our Writers

Our writers are a fascinating bunch of wise, wild women from all walks of life. They write from the heart, they write from the places of their experiences, their wisdom, and they write some seriously kick ass stuff. Joining us means being supported by a huge group of women who are rallying for your success. At Vivid & Brave, we work hard to ensure that our writers are supported in their writing. We invite and welcome polarizing topics, strong opinions, struggle, ugliness, beauty, wonder.

We are currently accepting casual submissions for consideration.

What Should You Write About

Vivid & Brave is comprised of 5 main categories. They are:

  • Money Makers (Business)
  • Avengers of Sexiness (Love & Sex, Beauty & Fashion, Health & Wellbeing)
  • Everyday Extraordinary (Life, Travel, Motherhood, Home)
  • Universe Denters (Inspiration, Motivation)
  • Creative Courage (Journal Prompts, Photography, Hobbies, Art)

For more about the Vivid & Brave mission, click here to read the Manifesto

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