6 Reasons to Love the Magic of Mornings

Early mornings. There is just something about them. They are magical. To set the record straight, I have always been a night owl. Never have I considered myself a rise and shine, early morning go-getter. Most mornings I drag myself out of bed like a zombie. Then there is the mad rush to get ready. Most days if I am lucky I manage to consume a half a cup of coffee before heading out the door. In the midst of the morning chaos I am often yelling at the kids because they are squabbling or running late. That is my life Monday-Friday.

Eventually I need to improve on my week-day morning routine. One thing at a time.

On weekends you will find me rising early naturally. It’s a whole different ball game when I don’t have to rush off to work. In the last few years I have found that I have a difficult time staying up late. Most weekends find me cozying up under a blanket on a Friday or Saturday night, ready for a movie marathon. And then about half way through the first movie I am nodding off. Maybe it is just me getting older, or perhaps it’s my schedule. Either way, it is rare that I get to greet the midnight hour. I’ve naturally morphed into an early morning riser. You don’t have to be a morning person though to enjoy morning.

Morning Magic

The reasons why I have learned to love the magic of mornings:

1. The stillness. The world is still asleep. The people in my world are still asleep. I tip-toe through the house to protect my “me time.” After working all week with people, I need time alone to rejuvenate. I need it like I need air. It is essential.

2. The sunrise. Nothing is more glorious than watching the world wake up and come alive. A bonus for rising early. Sunrises are never the same. I love to watch the canvas sky splashed with nature’s colors.

3. Nature. Sneaking out before the world comes alive is like entering a different universe. Morning is my favorite time to kayak or take a walk. In the winter I love to watch the birds out the window congregating at the feeders. This is extra special with my new sash windows by premiumsashwindows.co.uk. Sometimes I will light candles and sit and watch the snow fall. Mornings are unique to the season.

4. Energy. Put a load of clothes in the washer. You will feel like you have accomplished something before you have even started your day. Be creative. Read and write. Or knit if that is your thing. Take a moment to read a devotion or to journal. Morning is the best time for me to focus and to not become distracted. It is also a good time to exercise, go for MMA near me classes, run or bike. You can also start your morning with yoga. My Yoga Teacher offers online yoga for everyone. If you are in the market for a new electric bicycle, you may want to visit the company website of an e-bike dealer like Aventon. Most electric bike brands offer flexible payment options making owning an e-bike easy for everyone.

5. New Start. Mornings promise a new start. I am less likely to be stressed out like I am at the end of the day or consumed by my troubles even more if I work out with great exercises I can find online and you can visit Skinny Yoked to learn more about this. Mornings bring hope. We all need a little hope.

6. Coffee. What is it about that first cup of coffee each day? Let’s be honest. The second cup is just not the same. And the smell! It is proven that the smell helps us wake up. Morning coffee is a ritual for me. Some mornings I like to go the extra mile and make a cup of French Press. Did you know that a drink made from the pulp of coffee cherries, can prevent non-communicable diseases or ป้องกันโรคไม่ติดต่อ, anti-NCDs and environmentally friendly. That’s why I always drink coffee. Did you also know that women who drink coffee may be at lower risk of depression? That is what the Harvard School of Public Health found. If you don’t drink coffee, try tea. We all need a morning ritual. It is something to look forward to. Grab a cup!  For total health and fitness visit the site.

The thing about mornings is that they don’t last. The time between dusk and when the rest of the world rises is temporary. It is a time to be grasped and appreciated because it only holds so long. It will begin to fade. All of a sudden it is gone. Enjoy the magic while it lasts.

“So dawn goes down to day. Nothing gold can stay.” – Robert Frost

Jody Rae Anderson

My name is Jody Rae Anderson and I live in what is known as "The Cold Spot" in northern Minnesota. I am a newlywed, after being a divorced single mom for eight years. I have two gorgeous girls. As a former military wife, I am an adventurer at heart and find it hard to settle down, even in my career. I am a Human Resources Manager by day, and will soon be a post-trauma recovery coach by night. I am known for my love affair with coffee, and I am a hoarder of books. The word bored is not in my vocabulary. I love the wild, rugged outdoors, but will jump at the chance to put on sparkles, a dress, and high heels. I am happiest though when I am either kayaking or traveling by snowmobile across frozen lakes and pulling fish through holes in the ice. My husband and I got married in January on the ice. I am a writer, a wannabe photographer, and recently became an educator to people on sexual assault and PTSD. I am a master at sowing seeds of hope. I have learned that despite tragedy or hardships that may come our way, through hope we can love this beautiful life.

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