Are You Silently Sabotaging Your Brand?

Young woman in autumn foggy morning

Young woman in autumn foggy morning

If you and I met at a coffee shop for the first time and I had no previous idea what your business is, or what you stood for, what would I mentally conclude just by looking at you?
Would I expect you to provide a premiere level service or a low cost/ low quality solution? Would I think you are an expert or a novice? Would I have a good idea about what it is you do? And would your values be clear and consistent?

It doesn’t matter what is on your website or business card. Who you are, how you show up, and the image you portray, is always communicating the true essence of your brand, so be sure to have the best plan for your business, this site will tell you more.


As I am sure you know, your brand is NOT your logo or tagline. Your brand is a PROMISE OF AN EXPERIENCE.

Through your brand you are able to create meaningful connections with your clients, in a way that feels intimate, and magnetically draws them in to you. Through your brand you are able to create focus, intention and energy in building your business.

And when clients are magnetized to you, and you are focused and full of energy, your business and income results will truly be enviable.


What all great personal brands have in common is that they effectively communicate the answers to these three questions:

• Who am I?
• What do I stand for?
• What am I an expert in or at?

Ultimately, as an entrepreneur you are your brand. It doesn’t matter what your marketing materials portray if when people meet you, it’s not congruent. And that doesn’t necessarily mean leaving a bad impression (though that can sometimes happen), but when you are leaving a different impression, it can leave potential clients confused. And a confused mind, NEVER buys.


I see it often when I network, and while entrepreneurs don’t intend to sabotage their brand, unfortunately it happens quite often. Here are some questions to consider to make sure youaren’t unintentionally sabotaging yours:
• Do you look like your head-shot?
• Are the words you use in conversation consistent with how you craft your copy and social media?
• Is the personality of your brand reflected in how you dress and present yourself? Remember – high end services are not communicated with casual dressing. Even if you are wearing branded T-Shirts, you will not be communicating your brand. It’s not that there is anything wrong with dressing casually and comfortably, it can be very attractive, however it’s just inconsistent with a high end service. Or conversely if your brand is about leisure and relaxation, dressing up in a suit or other formal clothes will not convey the right message.
• How is your energy? What will people experience when they talk to you?
• Do your activities and life outside your business, represent the feelings and emotions youwant your business to project? For example if your brand conveys luxury and abundance, and fine living, and you live a more down to earth lifestyle, it will feel inauthentic and repelling to your potential clients.


To build a profitable business that aligns with you, and the lifestyle you desire, you need to be clear on your brand promise, and ensure that you are congruent and “on brand” with all touch points, printed, on-line, and in person.

Nafissa Shireen

Nafissa Shireen is an award winning Master Coach, International Speaker and Business Mentor She has a gift for empowering and propelling people to their highest potential.

With 25 years' experience leading 6-figure to 9-figure companies, she strategically partners with entrepreneurs to help them focus on sustainable & scalable business growth, so they can create a highly profitable and luxurious business and life.

Passionate about helping women earn what they are worth and build their wealth, so that they can realize all of their dreams and desires. She brings together her vast business knowledge with the deep inner work needed to help entrepreneurs identify blocks, step out of fear and overwhelm, raise their wealth consciousness, and move forward towards their goals with measurable, tangible results.

She is a featured Expert and regular contributing author for Today’s Innovative Woman Magazine, and is profiled in Canada’s 2014/2015 Distinctive Women Magazine

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