The Secret Power of Certainty

As entrepreneurs so many times we are thrown into situations where we may feel over our head or unsure of what to do. In those moments, does it feel paralyzing and overwhelming? If so, I understand, I’ve been there.

• Decisions are postponed
• Anxiety increases
• Self doubt and fear creeps up

And either no action is taken, or we take advice from others that may not have our same goals, or we take “safer” action.

The secret power of certainty

What if there was a way, a magic formula you could use that would guide you with what to do every single time?

It exists. It’s one of my secrets to success and I now use it all the time.


Now I know this may sound crazy. After all, I’m talking about a situation or challenge where you feel challenged and in fact rather uncertain, so it’s only natural to wonder what I’m talking about when I say “certainty”.

There is always something in every situation that you can be certain of! And I have found that when you focus on that, no matter what else happens, you can powerfully step up to the situation and create an outcome you are happy with.

This is because what you are certain of in any given situation, will help to guide you and ground you with what you are uncertain about!


This has come up a lot recently for me with some challenges I’ve faced with my horse. As I step up into leadership with him, I find myself facing situations that are totally new to me. From exercising him without my trainer present to giving him a bath, I have often found myself over my head and often times afraid. Let’s face it, he is 1000 lbs and I consider myself a novice.
However, while I may not have the technical knowledge in HOW to do some of the tasks, I was certain about 2 things.

1. He has no desire whatsoever to hurt me
2. He trusts me, and listens to me.

So having certainty in both of those two things, meant that no matter what happened in our work together, I could count on them to get me through, even if I didn’t fully know what it was I was doing.

So for example when I exercised him without a trainer handy, I truly didn’t fully know what I was doing. Therefore, I made a mistake and he got a bit carried away, I actually DIDN’T know how to get him back under control. BUT by my certainty in the two above items, I was able to ask him calmly, and nicely to WHOA, and you know what – he did.


What was awesome about those experiences, is that as I fumbled and as I learned, and as I overcame what were obstacles and fear a moment before, I developed new certainty. I now developed the certainty that I can bring him back under control if he gets excited and carried away. I have developed a lot more certainty around various aspects of his care.

That new level certainty has allowed me to make decisions, and to move forward in his care from an empowered place.


The thing is, with this approach, I’m not talking about certainty in what you are doing, or certainty in the outcome, I’m talking about tapping into that one little place of faith that you have in your abilities that can guide you through a scary and unfamiliar task, and guide you towards a new certainty.

• You aren’t certain about how to hire the right team member, but you are certain in what needs to be done
• You aren’t certain where you will create the money for a needed investment in your business, but you are certain in your ability to always have enough
• You aren’t certain in how to prepare an online marketing campaign, but you are certain about your content
• You aren’t certain how to handle a clients’ late payment, but you are certain about the value you provide

It may be a very small thing that you are certain about, just like my example above. Or it may not even seem directly applicable. However when you focus on what you are certain about, even if it’s just one tiny step, you will have what you need to move forward and once you are in motion, you will find that just like I did with my horse, that you will start to master new areas and new skills and overcome fears.


So the next time you find yourself facing a big challenge, or something that causes fear or doubt – ask yourself these questions
• What am I certain about?
• How can I apply that certainty to my current situation?
• How can I now move forward?
• What new certain will I develop?

I can’t wait to hear what opens up for you!

Nafissa Shireen

Nafissa Shireen is an award winning Master Coach, International Speaker and Business Mentor She has a gift for empowering and propelling people to their highest potential.

With 25 years' experience leading 6-figure to 9-figure companies, she strategically partners with entrepreneurs to help them focus on sustainable & scalable business growth, so they can create a highly profitable and luxurious business and life.

Passionate about helping women earn what they are worth and build their wealth, so that they can realize all of their dreams and desires. She brings together her vast business knowledge with the deep inner work needed to help entrepreneurs identify blocks, step out of fear and overwhelm, raise their wealth consciousness, and move forward towards their goals with measurable, tangible results.

She is a featured Expert and regular contributing author for Today’s Innovative Woman Magazine, and is profiled in Canada’s 2014/2015 Distinctive Women Magazine

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