A Dare for Creatives

When you are a creative soul, you get ideas. Right?

Whether they come on slow or they smack you upside the head, your ideas
settle in and ask (like an itchy red annoying rash) to be scratched.

A Dare for Creatives - Getting Ideas

Sometimes, you decide to ignore them so they will go away.
(Because that’s easier, isn’t it?)

Out loud you tell them sternly, “You will consume my time, I will not scratch you.”

Quietly, you whisper to them, “People might actually notice me if I succeed.”
(and that’s really scary!)

You sigh to them, “You might grow bigger.”
(that’s even scarier!)

A dare for creatives - your ideas are screaming for attention

Yet, when the idea is exceptionally good? You know, so good your intuition is screaming at you to make. it. happen!?

No amount of ignoring makes them go away. (This is truth and you know it.)

So then you scratch.
(hello vulnerability, thanks for the face smack, you uncomfortable b*tch)

And beautiful things happen.

Your idea grows bigger. You get started working on your invention ideas. People start to notice. It grows and it grows.
(And you live. No really, you LIVE!)

In fact, you grow too. You change for the better. You succeed. You are confident!
(Yes, you are worthy of that.)

So go ahead. Scratch the itch you’ve had for awhile now. Grow the idea that won’t shut up. Leap.

I dare you.

Grow your ideas that won't shut up - a Dare for Creatives

Jane Ammon

If I could drink milkshakes for dinner every night, I would, yet my kids would never let me get away with it. I think my cat's stinky breath isn't stinky at all, I actually love it.

I’m a listener who creates through photographs and writing.
Creativity unlocks my soul by giving me a voice and empowers me to grow.
I'm on a mission to help others unleash their own inner child through listening to themselves and encouraging their creativity.

I firmly believe:
Every child can be heard.
I hear you. You matter.

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