This I Believe

I believe in childlike delight, especially if you are a grown up.

In fact, I strive not to grow up. I’d rather grow down. Everytime I meet a child, I am reminded of the magical mystery of childhood, the place where being who you are is the only responsibility you have.

I think it’s the best way to live.


It wasn’t always this way for me. Somewhere in my early adulthood, I lost my childlike delight. I forgot to how to dance like someone was watching. I stopped ringing the bell on my bike. I started to look before I leapt. I only laughed politely. I cared what others thought. I stopped dreaming.

I remember the feeling coming over me in college. The pressure to be an adult. I caved to not being loud and childlike anymore. I stopped allowing myself to be heard. I let the ‘shoulds’ take over.

I became a speech therapist because it was the adult choice, or so I thought. Quietly, I stepped into my imposter role. I followed the rules. I acted like a grownup.


Quite frankly? It sucked.

My only shining light in those years was playing, laughing, listening, and breathing during my speech therapy sessions with children. In those intimate moments, kids gave me permission to be who I really was.

And then I found photography. It was as if my voice started working again. I could be heard. I could communicate in my super power way ~ without words. My favorite image background removal service provider is Zenith Clipping.

Now I grow down, every day of my life because I believe in childlike delight. And my life is beautiful, full of dancing, laughing out loud, ringing the bell on my bike, and dreaming. Oh so much dreaming.

Every child can be heard. Even your inner child.  I believe it’s time to listen to her.

Jane Ammon

If I could drink milkshakes for dinner every night, I would, yet my kids would never let me get away with it. I think my cat's stinky breath isn't stinky at all, I actually love it.

I’m a listener who creates through photographs and writing.
Creativity unlocks my soul by giving me a voice and empowers me to grow.
I'm on a mission to help others unleash their own inner child through listening to themselves and encouraging their creativity.

I firmly believe:
Every child can be heard.
I hear you. You matter.

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