One Simple Tip to Help Drive Pinterest Traffic to Your Blog

One Simple Tip to Help Drive Traffic to Your Blog! Set what text displays when people pin your blog post on Pinterest!

You spend hours perfectly crafting your blog post, just hoping that people will post it on Pinterest. After all, you blog in part because you want to share these things with the world. But do you know the one simple thing you can do to help drive Pinterest traffic to your blog and to make sure that the caption that they use continues the story over there?

Modify your ALT text when you add your images to your blog!

When you do this, you help to make sure that people post what you want them to say. Of course, they can always edit the text themselves, but most people don’t. They simply click “Pin It”, choose the board they want it on, and go. Make sure they aren’t pinning your photos with just the file name displaying for the text.

One simple tip to set the text for when people pin your blog posts on Pinterest!

Close up image of where to edit the ALT and Title text for your images in WordPress to set the text for Pinterest pins.When you upload an image to your WordPress blog, all you need to do is set the ALT text option for the image! That’s it! Whatever text you put in there is what will be pulled in to Pinterest. For example, if you pin the image above, the default text that will be filled in is, “One simple tip to set the text for when people pin your blog posts on Pinterest!”

Now your blog visitors will be grateful, because they don’t have to spend time typing in a caption for the pin — they can just choose which image to pin, and go.

Entering the ALT text also helps with usability for people who may be vision impaired and use a reader while surfing the web, and it also helps Google to know what your images are about, which in turn boosts your SEO. It is a win-win for everyone!

The image below shows what happens when I go to pin that image from my Have Gear, Will Travel blog.

An example of what happens when I set the ALT text in WordPress and then go to pin the image on Pinterest. The caption is set for me!

On the other hand, I went back to my old personal blog and found a photograph that I did not set the ALT text on. Instead of a description of the image, all that comes up in Pinterest is the file name for the image, which is what WordPress fills in by default if you do not change it. Whoops!

No modification to my ALT text means that Pinterest just displays the file name instead of a description.

One easy step, and you can continue the story from your blog to Pinterest, make pinning even easier for your visitors to your blog, and help your SEO as an added bonus!

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