You Can’t Take the Sky from Me

The funny part about people giving advice is that they typically do it based on what they, themselves would want to happen. Recently I was handed a big truckload of a shitty situation. I swear I said the word “Fuck” more times in a few hours than I have in my entire adult life.

You can't take the Sky from Me

You see, someone was trying to steal my happiness and the happiness of my girls. This person’s actions show me that they feel I need to be “punished” for some wrong doing that I know nothing of. But here’s the kicker…

No one gets to choose that for me. No one gets to say “You can’t celebrate this holiday or that holiday with BOTH your children”. No one gets to say whose birthday is outranked by a holiday schedule in my house. And NO ONE, I repeat, NO ONE gets to take our happiness.

Because nothing out there says I have to give it to them. Nothing out there says I can’t have a Halloween party or Thanksgiving feast on some random day in the middle of March. There is nothing that makes this rule. Nothing at all.

Yes, pumpkins might be a bitch to find and carve in February, but you’d better believe we’ll do it.

Yes, roasting a turkey in the middle of August is going to put my AC into overdrive, but it will still be worth it.

Are the neighbors going to look at me weird with my Christmas lights up in April? Or the tree still out and presents under it? Ok. They might. But I really don’t care. I’ll invite them over too and we’ll be having Christmas with cookies, candies and presents just because I can.

And to the hater. You can kiss my ass.

You can take half the time I get with my child, but you can’t take my love for her. You can’t take the times I’ve stayed up with her while she’s been sick. You can’t take away snuggle fests, movie nights or the number of carrots she’s stolen from my plate.

You can try, but you won’t succeed. Because we won’t let you.

For every heartache you cause, I will have a hug to mend it.

For every tear that falls, I will have laughter to stop them.

For every fear and accusation of failure you throw at me, I will have a crowd willing to back me and build those little girls self-esteems back up.

We will be furiously happy no matter what you try to throw at us. We will still have a fulfilled life, a beautiful life and a hundred thousand memories to prove it.

You don’t get to take our happiness. You don’t even deserve the recognition I’ve given you for trying.

Here’s your sign: A giant FUCK YOU.

We get our happiness. My girls get to see their mom happy, they get to see her laugh, they get to see her stand back up after every stupid action you use to try and knock her down. You don’t get to win.

Fuck you. Because you can’t take the sky from me.

Markie Jones

As a little girl, Markie dreamed big. Big wedding, big house, big number of children (but NO MINIVANS!!!). At 25, she was a recently divorced single mother. At 28, she gave birth to her surprise baby #2, still divorced, and still single. Always looking on the bright side, she's bought a house, pays her car payment, and juggles two jobs, dating and mom life. This is Rockstar status right here.

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