Why Photographs Can Change Your Life

What difference can a photo make?

You tell me.

February 2015
Why Photographs Can Change Your Life by Shannon Nicholson

December 2012
Why Photographs Can Change Your Life by Shannon Nicholson

Photos are windows to our soul.

That’s why it can be such a powerful experience seeing yourself through a different lens. A photo simply reflects where you’re out of alignment with our true beauty.

Think about the last time you could delight in your own appearance. For many it would be as a child, if you were lucky maybe a teen. When we lose the ability to be truly seen it holds us back from living the life we dream.

Pictures don’t lie. When we don’t like something about ourselves in a photo that doesn’t mean we’re less than. It’s merely an opportunity to explore why. When you look deeper into what’s really bothering you, chances are you’ll discover an underlying fear or belief about yourself. It could be a thought about your nose being big because someone said so or your inability to smile because you believe you have bad teeth.

Often we dislike our photos simply because we had no idea that’s how we’ve been showing up in the world. Everyone has a few “masks” they wear when their hiding from how they really feel or are pretending that everything is okay. These facial masks are worn for protection and tell people we aren’t really sure about them or ourselves in that moment. The trouble is we don’t typically see this masked face until we’re photographed. It can be overwhelming and shaming to see the uncertainty, skepticism and doubt in our eyes.

What difference can 2 ½ years make?

You tell me.

Why Photographs Can Change Your Life by Shannon Nicholson

Why do we only pose for photographs during celebrations, milestones and holidays? Why aren’t we taking pictures of ourselves at critical points in our life when we’ve endured great loss, experienced tremendous failure, entered survivor mode or just don’t feel beautiful?

The reason we don’t relish the idea of being photographed is because we forget the power photos have in transforming us. Maybe not in the moment when we can barely see ourselves but in time as we learn, grow and carry on we often forget how far we’ve come in our journey. These images act as reminders of the person we are unbecoming so we can be the person we were always meant to be.

So how can seeing photographs of the good/bad and ugly change your life?

Simply by empowering you to change the way you see yourself. To help you embrace your fears with an open mind and heart. To teach you how to love yourself perceived flaws and all.

There is power in understanding how our inside feelings show up on the outside. It allows us to transform our mindset and give us courage to be our authentic selves in the world. When we don’t fear how we look we no longer have to hide behind our masks or be held back by our

Don’t just take my word for it; take the test:

Compare a photo you love with one you dislike side by side. Dig deep, why is this so? When you begin to understand your dislike has absolutely nothing to do with the way you look in the photo and everything to do with the way you feel about yourself you are empowered to change your lens that changes your life.

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