Take Back Your Power

Take Back Your Power by Shannon Nicholson

Sexy, Glamourous, Vivacious, Beauty

These fabulous words can be compared to four-letter words in many women’s minds.

What would the results be if you took a poll of the women in your circle, how many would use these positive words to describe them. Would you?

Why don’t we?

Damn, I want to be sexy, glamorous and a thing of pure beauty. Sounds awesome to me!

When we ignore the story we’re fed by the media and get back to the root of these bold words, who wouldn’t want to be described by them?

Take Back Your Power by Shannon Nicholson


a. Sexually interesting or exciting; radiating sexuality:.
b. Excitingly appealing; glamorous:

What it doesn’t mean:
I don’t look as good as her, I’m not beautiful, I’m not comfortable in my own body, I’m not confident expressing myself. I’m a harlot. I am dressed inappropriately.

Feeling, acting or wanting to be sexy, glamorous or vivacious has nothing to do with being sexually explicit or an object of sex. It is about owning the gifts God gave you in the most powerful and profound way.

Many women step into my studio requesting boudoir photos under the guise of a gift for a partner, my question is why can’t they be a gift for you? At the end the day you are the one who love yourself in the biggest and brightest way and owned what you got. Find peace within your body and understand its pure beauty at every stage of life. Boudoir photos are merely an opportunity to see you in a sexy, glamorous and beautiful way.

Of course there are many other ways we can own the words beauty, sexy, glamorous, vivacious. The easiest one is to simply think of yourself as being a beautiful, sexy, glamorous, or vivacious woman. Using the words when you talk to yourself in the mirror, as you admire your outfit or body after a shower. Thinking them as you saunter into a room. Our mind is a powerful and our thoughts can change even the way other people see us.

I think every woman should explore until they can see themselves as a creature of pure beauty. The power, confidence and joy that are brought when we love ourselves inside and out allow us to be fearless and limitless and who wouldn’t want that?

What word would you love to own and use to describe yourself? Pick one, play around with it, feel how it sounds when you say it out loud and proud. Think it, believe it and be it!

Take Back Your Power by Shannon Nicholson

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