The Love & Sex Series Journal Prompt – Loving yourself

We made a point of wrapping up our Love & Sex series with a journal prompt on Valentine’s Day. We want to talk about love — but not what you might expect.

So often we think that loving ourselves is selfish.

It isn’t. Loving yourself is ESSENTIAL.

You need to make sure that your spiritual and emotional well-being is taken care of first & foremost, then you can check the information provided at This isn’t a selfish act. It isn’t vain, or indulgent. You need to be the caretaker of you.

It is like they always say when you fly – put your oxygen mask on first, and then help other people. You need that oxygen mask on

When you do take care of yourself, and you love yourself, that is your confirmation that you are worth loving. Yes, you. YOU are lovable. How do you show yourself love? Do you allow yourself time? Do you pamper yourself? What rituals surround showing yourself love?

Prompt: Write yourself a love letter. Pour out all the love that you deserve in to your journal. What makes you amazing? What makes you a good person? What is the beauty you are putting out in to the world? Maybe write some of it and put it up on the wall. Near your bathroom mirror, so you see it every day. You deserve the love!

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