Countdown to 2014 Prompt #1 – 2013 Word of the Year

Kicking off our Journal Prompts series is one that is geared towards helping you reflect on the past year as you prepare to plan for the year ahead. Be sure to read to the end to enter the Vivid & Brave – Our Favorite Journaling Things Giveaway!

Countdown to 2014 Prompt #1 – 2013 Word of the Year

As you reflect on 2013, what word comes to mind? Was there a predominant theme for this year that you see coming up over and over again when you look back?

Each year, I choose a word for the year, rather than making resolutions. The word becomes a mantra, a reminder, of what I want the overarching story of my year to be. I find this has worked more effectively, most of the time, than creating a list of resolutions which fall apart by February 1st.

For this first prompt, consider what your past year looked like, and give it a word. Search for the patterns of your successes and failures. What did you do well? What did you need to do to keep going? Is there a single event that shaped the year for you? Can you sum that up in one word? If you chose a word last year, evaluate how well it fit. If it didn’t, choose a new one.


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