Calling Out Your SHEro

It’s time to send out the invitation. You know to who, she’s out there, waiting to receive it. Patiently. She has been waiting a long time for you.

imageYour future you. Your SHero. Your alter ego. The beautiful essence of you waiting for the invitation to come out and play in her greatness.

She is the vision of your future; of who you are to become when you truly believe that you are desirable and whole, free in your body. You are sexy and beautiful exactly as you are. You are fully alive and present. Feels good hey?

image (2)It’s possible to feel this good.


It is yours for the taking when you are ready to extend the invitation to your SHero, your future self full of vitality and owning her strength.

You shine so brightly that you cannot be ignored.

You redefine courage as you walk through life.

It’s possible to feel this good. You have everything you need to shine, to bloom.

It’s in you right now.

I like to call on my future self when I am not shining as brightly as I could or need that extra dose of courage to move me through a difficult situation. I would like to introduce you to my future self, I like to call her Desiree. She is confident, owns her voice, shines brightly in the world and is overflowing with desire to connect, have intimate connections, be nourished and feels free in her body. I beckon her when I need my cup filled that little bit more, or a need a polish to shine that much brighter. Desiree always shows up when I need her, because she is a reflection of all I hold beautiful and desire for myself, which is already inside me.

image (1)

Naming your virtues and truths make them more accessible and within reach. They are yours for the taking. It’s time to extend the invitation and invite her in!

Lesley Stedmon

Unlock your sensuality and unlock yourself.
Lesley Stedmon is a sensuality coach, author, speaker and registered nurse dedicated to inspiring women to create more time for pleasure and sensuality in their busy lives and creating the space their desires deserve.
When not on her Sensual Journey, Lesley can be found writing, reading and chilling with her Sisterhood, playing with her kids and living large with her husband on beautiful Vancouver Island, BC.

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