Pleasure – How about now?

How about now?

This very minute this second.

Stop what you’re doing and take a breath. Close your eyes.

Fully exhale.

Pleasure - How about now?

Now open your eyes and consider this question: what in your environment this very minute inspires desire and feels like pleasure?

Yes, you may be at work, at school, in bed, making supper. What about this very moment brings you pleasure?

Take it all in.
Did you uncover the pleasure right in front of you? Yes? Fantastic! Soak it up, roll in it, breathe it deep into your lungs and take a mental photograph labeled: feel more of this.

Pleasure - How about now?

Didn’t uncover any beauty, desire or pleasure? Ask yourself a second question: why?
Why are you where you are at this very moment? Is it it of fear, guilt, obligation, necessity? Is your physical environment boxing you in or is your pleasure bounty limited by your thoughts?
Get back to why: what is the script running through your head right now as you search for everyday pleasures?

“I deserve pleasure”
“My desires deserve space”
“I want more of this because it feels right”

Or does it resemble:
“What if I’m caught daydreaming at work?”
“What will they think?”
“This is stupid. I’ve got deadlines to meet, then I can dabble in my desires, if I have time.”

If not now, when? When is an ideal time to inspire a life of met desires, of pleasure for the sake of feeeeelllllling goooooood. Because feeling good if the goal – here, now, today- not later, next week, when I am successful.

Today is what we have to feel good. Often times we multitask and free up time, only to create new to-do lists and projects when all we really need is breathing room. This room lets us uncover the pleasure that lays before us.

Let’s revisit the first question: what about this very moment brings you pleasure?
“The way the sun filters through the glass reminds me of my favourite book.”
“The smell of my clothesline dried sheets reminds me of a warm summer hug.”
“When I look in the mirror, I am proud of my curves, my wrinkles and my eyes, which tell a story without speaking a word.”

Pleasure is everywhere. It is a gift to be able to see the pleasure, the extraordinary in the everyday. You have the capacity to access that gift – in this very moment. Take a breath and slow down to see the beauty before you and in you.

Pleasure - How about now?

Lesley Stedmon

Unlock your sensuality and unlock yourself.
Lesley Stedmon is a sensuality coach, author, speaker and registered nurse dedicated to inspiring women to create more time for pleasure and sensuality in their busy lives and creating the space their desires deserve.
When not on her Sensual Journey, Lesley can be found writing, reading and chilling with her Sisterhood, playing with her kids and living large with her husband on beautiful Vancouver Island, BC.

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