The Vivid & Brave Besties Contest: Favourite Things

No, the contest isn’t really my favourite thing. (Though it’s going to be awesome! Details below.)

My favourite thing is besties. Specifically, my own, but generally, the close, supportive bonds that we form with other people. The people in our inner circle are our biggest cheerleaders, our closest confidants, and usually the one person in the world who can make us giggle hysterically over nothing at all.  They are there for the highest highs and the lowest lows – every bestie likely knows exactly what your ugly cry looks like.

Obviously, one of my best friends in this whole wide world is Christine. Ever since Vivid & Brave was launched on my kitchen table, all our work calls start with 10-15 minutes of catching up, getting squared on what is going on in each other’s lives, and making sure we’re both okay before we dig into the V&B to-do list. We’re always travel buddies, because we understand each other so well, and though we have plenty in common, the best thing about us is how much we complement each other. Our strengths and weaknesses seem in perfect harmony. I’m grateful every single day that she’s part of my life.

As you may have heard, Christine and I excitedly launched a new version of our Life+ coaching last week – the Solo discovery program, which allows you to go through the course material at your own pace. Participants receive a daily journal prompt, Monday to Friday, and access to a weekly video that explains the homework, as well as membership in a group so they can be supported on the journey.

The Vivid & Brave Besties Contest

We’re giving away TWO seats for our Life+ Solo program – one for you and one for your bestie. This program is perfect for creatives ready to start to really dig deep and discover their authentic voice, identify their passions and start declaring them to the world.

How to Enter

You can enter up to 4 times!


  • Make a sign celebrating your favourite thing about your best friend – “My favourite thing about _________ is  ________________” and take a photo.
  • Besties ContestPost it to Instagram with the hashtag #vividandbravebesties
  • Check the Contest Album on our Facebook page to make sure it made it there, and tag yourself and your bestie in the photo.


2) Facebook

  •  Share some best friend love on your personal Facebook wall! Make sure you post it as a public post, so that we can track your share.

3) Pinterest

4) Mailing List

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We’re gonna do a drawing for this, old school style (Paper entries and fish bowl!) on Monday, February 24th! In the meantime, snag your spot in our Life+ Solo program, or in the next Life+ Group, starting on February 26th, using the code “inspireme” to save $30 off your registration fee! (Don’t worry – if you register now and win, we will refund your registration fee!)


UPDATE! We have a winner! Congratulations to Jen Swedhin and her bestie! Click Here to see the video of the draw!


Stephanie Ostermann

I’m the sort of girl who you meet for coffee and end up pouring your entire heart out to. The friend you come to when you need someone to call it straight. No bullshit. No extras. Just truth.

I’m a communicator. That’s a PC way of saying I like to talk, but I also spend a lot of my time listening, and over the years, I’ve developed a sense for subtext – how one or two words can change your entire message, what people are really trying to say and how to weave the varied layers of your story into one cohesive brand message that your clients fall in love with.

When I'm not acting as editor in chief for Vivid & Brave, you can find me geeking out over words here.

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