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Our popular Group Coaching program, launched in 2013, is now available at a self-guided pace. Dig in and rediscover your voice!

You Will

  • Receive daily journal prompts (M-F) directly to their inbox for 12 weeks
  • Receive one weekly homework assignment related to the current month’s project & a video explaining the homework
  • Be invited to join our exclusive Vivid & Brave Facebook community, to continue the conversations and inspirations with like minded, creative people

The Program

Month One – Get Intimate
The first 4 weeks of journal prompts, calls, and homework are devoted to digging deep within and gaining a more intimate understanding of yourself. At the end of this month, you’ll have a vision board to show for all your hard work – a snapshot of you, and your dreams, as they are, right now.

Month Two – Tell the World
Four weeks of getting gutsy – time to tell the world all about the beautiful you that you’ve unearthed. We’re going to help you exercise your voice. You’ll create things you can share, and we’ll be there to encourage you along the way. A Manifesto will be created – you, your passions, and your mission statement, all rolled into one.

Month Three – Celebrate You
So what do we do now that you’ve rediscovered yourself, told all your friends about her, and are ready to fly? This is personal project month! Your homework will carry you through to a completed project at the end of these weeks, one that truly celebrates who you are, and what you stand for.


Just $99/month or $279 one time payment

+Business One to One

After completing the Solo Adventure program, participants may choose add +Business One to One coaching, perfect for those who would prefer to work directly with Christine or Stephanie to expand on things they learned during the program and fully apply them to their business. Click here for more details on One-on-One Coaching.

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