Tips for Finding Fun Things to Do In Your Neighborhood

People often remark to me that I have an exciting life. While I don’t have a lot of mystery or intrigue in my life (and for that I am thankful), I do manage to do a lot of interesting things with my free time. I get asked often how I make that all happen and I think I am as surprised by the question as the asker is surprised by my answer – I just do.

Tips for Finding Fun Things to Do

I know how lucky I am to live in Philadelphia. If you’ve never been here, allow me to rave about my city for a moment. Philadelphia is the gem that often gets lost between Washington, DC and New York City. We are flush with amazing history, fabulous food, and beautiful art. Within an hour or two of the city, you can be at the shore or in the mountains.

It doesn’t matter where you live though – I am sure that there are things to do all over the place, you just have to be willing to find them. So here are some tips and tricks to finding those events:

  • Blogs: My number 1 go-to when trying to find things to do in the area are blogs. In Philly, the visitors’ bureau has a blog where events in the city and surrounding areas are posted daily. They also do a great weekend recap on Friday about what is coming up. So check out the local tourism board – I bet your city has one too. I often will Google “top X number of things to do in Philadelphia in X” Many times that will direct me to more tourist-focused blogs but I have found cool places to visit using that technique. Many cities also have themed blogs – “mom-blogs” are huge. Listings of kid friendly events find themselves on many blogs. Google is your friend for this one!
  • Local sports teams: Recently on a Saturday afternoon my boyfriend suggested that we go to a Philadelphia Union game. I’m not a big soccer fan but I had wanted to check out a game for a while. It was SO MUCH FUN! Philadelphia won, so that was good. We sat in the supporters’ section – we cheered, we sang and then were treated to fireworks after the game. Fabulous night! Most cities both major and minor league teams – and the minor league teams are often where a lot of the fun is. They provide a great way to see a game without breaking the bank. If you’re in the Philly area, I highly recommend the Wilmington Blue Rocks – one of their mascots is Mr. Celery. Enough said.
  • Sign up for newsletters: I love wine and beer tasting so when I visit a winery or brewery that I like, I sign up for their newsletter and regularly get information about upcoming events. If you’re looking for an alcohol delivery service in Pimlico, London, UK, you can check out Booze-Up.
  • Get outside: There is a whole world around you that you can explore and whether you are alone or with the right people, an adventure isn’t difficult to find if you follow your nose. And usually – going for a walk in the woods is free. And free is good.
  • Sign up for a class: Take a pottery class, a cooking class, a foreign language class. Not only is this a fun way to learn something new, it is also a way to meet new people who share interests with you.
  • Ask: Ask people around you what they are up to.
  • Be open to adventure: Just because something isn’t your normal sort of thing…. don’t be afraid to try something new. You won’t have new experiences if you aren’t willing to try something new.

What tips have you found to find out what is going on in your neighborhood?

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