Favourite Things: The Beach

“I need the sea because it teaches me.” – Pablo Neruda

In the first week of Vivid & Brave’s coaching program, one of our journal prompts discusses sanctuary – those places we go where we feel most at peace, most at one with ourselves.

Despite being born in Calgary, a completely landlocked city with the Rocky Mountains acting as Mother Nature’s most imposing barrier to the ocean, my sanctuary place is the beach. When I need to visualize calm, I see water and hear the gentle rush of waves. When I daydream about my dream home, it’s a salt weathered beachhouse with a view of the ocean, the grit of sand on whitewashed floors.

My favourite beaches are not white sand and glittering blue water. I’ve got no interest in laying on a beach towel with my sunglasses on. Give me a beach with tide pools, little skittering crabs and sand dollars and dozens and dozens of shells to examine. I want to explore beaches and get to know them. I want to see how many colours the sun paints on the horizon at sunset.

Standing in the surf, water spilling over my toes, might just be the most perfect place I can think of. What’s yours?


Favourite Things is our new Monday blog series.

Stephanie Ostermann

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