Sometimes Faith Feels A Lot Like Fear

Having Faith

Most days as I journey along my life’s path I find myself called to step forward in faith. And some days I find this challenging because sometimes faith feels a lot like fear.

Some days the fear can get really fucking loud because it knows I’m breaking up with it, so it’s trying to convince me to let it stay. But the only way it knows how to do that is to try and make me afraid. So it reminds me of all of the times I’ve failed. Of all the people who don’t like me. Of all the things out there in the big bad world that could hurt me.

And then I have to tell fear to shove it. Because I know that down under the layers and layers of fear lies the smallest particle of faith.

Faith to keep moving forward, even when it seems so dark I cannot see where I’m going.

Faith in the future, because I know it doesn’t matter what I have or haven’t done to this point in my journey. My past does not determine my future unless I let it.

Faith that there are miracles out there waiting for me and if I keep moving forward I can create the space for them to show up.

Above all else faith in myself, because no matter how many times I hear from myself or other people that I’m crazy or a fool or selfish or that I’ve never accomplished anything like this before so why bother? I know that that is all bullshit and that I am a miracle who is capable of creating anything I can dream of.

So I keep moving forward. In the dark, holding on to that grain of faith. Because I know that in the end I am far more powerful than any story fear can tell me.

Elizabeth Holt Handlovsky

Elizabeth is a married mom of two who is passionate about entrepreneurship, self-development, and speaking your own truth. She is curious and introspective and has been known to drop the occasional F-bomb or two. Elizabeth is a champion of possibility dedicated to helping others create financial freedom so they can finally live life on their terms.

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