Rocky Mountain Reno | Trista & Ryan Sutter Come to HGTV

Have you ever just sat down to watch one HGTV TV show and then realize that 3 hours have gone by and all you have been watching are home renovation shows? There almost seems to be no concept of time when you are watching people tear down walls, choose tile or wood and bicker (nicely) about if they should have royal blue or light blue in the bathroom. If you are as addicted to these shows as I am, I have another one for you to tune into.


Trista Sutter and her husband Ryan are starting their very own show airing on HGTV starting today called Rocky Mountain Reno. You may remember Trista from her appearance on The Bachelor with Alex Michel which aired in 2002. Michel did not choose Trista (thank goodness) so she went on to participate in the first ever Bachelorette in 2003. She ended up choosing Ryan Sutter and they were married in December  of 2003, in a three part miniseries that drew over 26 million viewers, crushing viewing records for reality TV. In 2007 they welcomed Maxwell, and then in 2009 Blakesley was born.

They will use their love and knowledge of Colorado and mountain living to help families find and renovate homes. You can read  this construction articles for more information about home renovation. Trista has a love for interior design and Ryan has a background in architecture and  building so they always care about having great design and decoration, using resources as the best Wall Décor you can find for your home. During the show you will get insight into who Trista and Ryan are from the quick and light hearted banter of a couple married for 11 years, plus some cameos from their gorgeous kids.


The first episode focuses on a couple about to welcome their first child, as Trista and Ryan help them choose a property and bring out all of its rustic mountain charm, creating a perfect home to bring baby home to.

Tune in to HGTV on Sunday May 31st, at noon Eastern and Pacific. For Mountain and Central, check with your local provider.RMR_7

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