Relinquish your comfort zone, Grow into your bed

Life can be tragic; so we seek out comfort to cope. When you’re young, a pacifier makes you forget you’re not suckling on a nipple, a teddy bear makes you feel less alone at bedtime, and a nightlight is a beacon that keeps the monsters of the dark away.

They bring you comfort.

For me, it was my parent’s bed. The smell of their pillows would immediately trigger an olfactory meditation. They were my heroes (still are), and I felt safe; it was my sanctuary. No matter how scary or confusing life became, that quilt-covered bed, topped with a mountain of pillows, click here if you would like tho perches the exacts ones. I had always covered me in a veil of tranquility. The world was my oyster.

Then maturity happened.

The transition to adulthood is a trial by fire. Adulthood gives you a sense of legitimacy. Of course, life as an adult is challenging; the brilliance of your triumphs are often quickly diminished by the disappointment of your failures. Even still, your ability to preserve gives you a sense of accomplishment. Perspective. Wisdom.

We convinced ourselves that we were in control; that we had mastered the art of coping. After all, it’s been decades since our most valued possession donned a cute bowtie and  the name Teddy. We’re adults, right?

I’ve got a news flash for you.

Adults still have teddy bears and pacifiers. We call them comfort zones (You might have heard of them). It’s unseemly for an adult to walk around suckling a pacifier, and bringing Teddy to a meeting will probably cost you a visit to the company shrink. So we’ve gotten more covert. Nowadays, we make ourselves small, listen to Defeatist Speak, and stay exactly where we are, because when you think about it; it really isn’t that bad is it?

It could be.

Staying where you are isn’t death. If you’re happy, fulfilled, and living a passion-filled life of purpose, then you are exactly where you ought to be. But if you’re underemployed, uninspired, and in a toxic environment, stop talking yourself out of change. Do Better!

Change means growth. Growth requires you to do things differently.

Jumping into something new isn’t easy. It’s terrifying! It takes guts, perseverance, and even more, it takes consistent follow through. There will be plenty of moments where you could be lead by fear. You’ll get scared, and you’ll consider giving up; but if you concede, you’ll end up right back where you started.

When you’re uninspired and living a passion-less life, you aren’t living – you’re existing. If you’re existing you’ve chosen to be a voyeur in your life. You aren’t doing anything; you’re waiting to die. That’s not living.

Real life. That’s the dream.

Living a life that makes you excited to get up in the morning. Life that gives you purpose and awakens your senses. Life that is worthy of your gifts. If you want that life, you have to break free from your comfort zone. You have to try something new.

What do you try?

Everything. Anything. Nothing is off limits. Anything you think you like, anything you know you love, and all of the things that make you happy. Humans are multidimensional. It’s rare to only have one gift. When you explore your interests and discover your passions, your gifts are revealed. Once you know, it’s your duty to share them with the world.

Living is for champions. Existing is for the defeated.

It’s scary, it’s ruthless, and society can be unforgiving. But life is for living, not for existing. Try the things you always dreamed of. Sometimes you’ll fail. At times you may succeed. But you will always grow.

And never forget, real life happens outside of your comfort zone.

Jennifer Dowe

Jennifer is a Do Better-Change Maker dedicated to empowering women to live a lifestyle of constant growth and personal development. Fixing is her superpower, which she yields as a writer and transformational coach. Her happy place is filled with fix-the-world conversations, Smartfood popcorn, and Talenti Gelato; concisely presented at