What is your mother’s story? | Mother’s Day Journal Prompt Series

Prompt Series at Vivid & Brave!

Mother’s Day is approaching (HOW is it May already?!) and with that, Christine and I decided we really wanted to create a series of blog posts for Mother’s Day.

The twist here is that we know  not everyone who follows Vivid & Brave is a mom, but nearly all of you have a mom (or a mom figure, even if that was your dad, older sibling, aunt, uncle or grandparent!) We’d like to turn the spotlight on the people who created us, molded us and made us who we are.

I won’t be telling my mother’s story here because she’s a pretty private person and she might write me out of the will, especially once she figures out how much I’ve already talked about her around here and in our workshops. However, the story of our mothers’ lives hold valuable insights into the woman she is, and the woman you are now. The threads of her life are shot through yours, like bits of gold in an intricate tapestry. Getting to know her better, or spending a bit of time reflecting on what you do know,  can create more clarity for yourself.

Prompt: What is your mother’s story? Where was she born? What was her childhood like? What struggles did she face? How did her life take shape? Create a loving history for your mother and start to seek those insights you can find.

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