For those of you who remember my first major Mom mistake, rest assured that the first picture ever of Charlotte has now been found. The public library emailed me to say that our ultrasound picture was returned. As I thought, I had left it in a book after using it as a bookmark. Never again will I make that mistake!
This was such a fun week with the arrival of John Thomas Kirkpatrick. Rachel had a crazy fast delivery. She called me at 8:30 to say she was having contractions. At 9:00 she was on her way to the hospital and by 10:40 he was here!

One thing I’m realizing about pregnancy is how great it is to get so much attention all the time. Need some help picking out a stroller? This list of  top prams will help you find a perfect one. Best nasal aspirators for your little baby is always at her hand. Craving Hostess Ding Dongs? Husband will toss you one as he walks in from the grocery. Feet tired at band practice after a long day working and coaching? You get the only chair on stage. Want half of two doughnuts at your parents’ house instead of just picking one? Not a problem. (That one’s for you, honey:))
People at school, at church, at the store always ask how I’m feeling and how much longer I have. Some are surprised at how fast it’s gone; others, at how much longer I have. To some I’m smaller than they would expect; to others, they can’t believe I’m only 25 weeks. It doesn’t really matter what they say, I just love talking about pregnancy and especially about Charlotte. When people ask if I’m having a boy or girl, I always throw in her name. Most seem surprised at a somewhat old-fashioned name, but they act like they love it. Whether or not they’re saying that just to be nice, I don’t care. I love saying her name. I fall more in love with it everyday. It really gives her an identity. I can’t wait to really get to know her personality. I’m a little nervous after she kicked Andrew in the face while he was giving my belly a kiss. Uh oh! Looks like we’re in for it:)

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As a little girl, Markie dreamed big. Big wedding, big house, big number of children (but NO MINIVANS!!!). At 25, she was a recently divorced single mother. At 28, she gave birth to her surprise baby #2, still divorced, and still single. Always looking on the bright side, she's bought a house, pays her car payment, and juggles two jobs, dating and mom life. This is Rockstar status right here.

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