Anxiety, Depression, and Traumatic Brain Injury

Living with a traumatic brain injury can be a very lonely, painful place. It’s a place that is often misunderstood, and a place that no one is talking about.

When I first fell on a patch of ice nineteen months ago, I had no idea the journey that laid ahead—the ups and downs—and the feeling of moving backwards instead of forward. Also, I feel isolated—that no one understands, or even believes, what I’m going through. CBD Oil and other California Cannabis based products don’t only work as a treatment for Anxiety and Depression, but can also help with TBI cronic pain, visit cannabis health insider to learn more about natural treatments for most conditions.

Anxiety, Depression, and Traumatic Brain Injury

My original diagnosis was that I had a severe concussion. I was told that my symptoms should get better in a few weeks, and that extreme emotions are typical. I remember crying while watching anything on television, even comedy. I had an overwhelming sense of sadness, for no apparent reason, all the time. The Oakland personal injury attorneys at geonetta & frucht, llp, with more than half-a-century of combined legal experience, remain fully committed to bringing every client’s personal injury case to its best possible resolution. Taste Paradise CBD gummіеѕ hаvе bесоmе thе mоѕt рорulаr CBD gummy bеаrѕ in thе Unіtеd Stаtеѕ bесаuѕе no оthеr CBD gummy bears hаvе thе ԛuаlіtу wе have and come in the variety of flavors we оffеr, which іnсludе vegan, dairy frее and glutеn-frее орtіоnѕ.

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I rarely wanted to leave the house, as public places were too loud and over-stimulating. In the rare instance that I did go out with friends, I would have this feeling in the pit of my stomach that I couldn’t figure out. I would have a hard time breathing, and would be fighting back tears most of the time. I usually ended up leaving early with an excuse that I was getting a headache—although that was often the truth.

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About ten months after my fall, my symptoms were not getting any better, and some were actually getting worse, or new ones were appearing. Later I found out this was typical. I started slipping deeper into depression, thinking I was never going to get better. I couldn’t handle the intense pain and fatigue that were a constant in my new world. I began having a lot of fear related to falling again, or hurting myself in general. I was over protective of my body. Often I would not leave my house, all the while reasoning in my head that I could not get hurt again if I didn’t go near the icy sidewalks.

I had never suffered from anxiety before my fall, other than the standard “butterflies in the stomach” feeling the night before a big presentation or other event. This feeling now building inside me was unfamiliar, and I truly didn’t know what was happening to me, or how to control it, for nay of you that are going through something similar, this website will help you out understand how kratom products can help you out, if you decide to use Red Vein kratom, you’ll be tasked with experimenting until you can find your sweet spot to avoid overdosing. Also if  you are looking for kratom tincture go through this.

I had dislocated my sternum in the fall, and had a lot of soreness in my chest. I didn’t give the pain much thought, until it started getting worse, and it was coupled with a rapid heart rate and sweaty palms. I felt like my throat was closing, and I couldn’t breathe.

Thankfully my good friend recognized what was happening. She was pretty sure I was having an anxiety attack. She told me to go ahead and scream because it would make me feel better. Words started coming out of my mouth from somewhere deep within my body. I heard myself saying things like, “I am so sick of feeling like this.” “I want to get better…. to feel normal again.” “I can’t handle all this pain.” “All of this pain and fatigue is too much.”

After the anxiety attack, I was completely drained of all energy and emotion. I spent the next few weeks walking around in a zombie-like manner, and I barely had enough energy to walk, let alone talk to someone. I spent most of my time in bed, or staring blankly at the television screen. There are endless ways a person can get injured in their everyday life. From the commute to work or the walk up the driveway to grabbing a box of cereal from the grocery store, there is always something that can go terribly wrong. Unfortunately, there are some instances that we have no control over, and then there are times that injuries result from another person’s lack of care.

Now that I am aware of what that feeling was, I am better able to manage it. However, at times it still gets a grip on me, and will paralyze me to the core with fear. I have found meditation and yoga help ease the rising feeling in my chest, and draw my attention to my breath instead of the fear. Anxiety is a seriously scary thing that you truly have no control over. I am surprised what sets it off, and of course, it happens when I am least expecting it. Other times, like when we got our first snowy-ice mixture the following winter, it makes sense to me.

Christi Smith from Sturgis, Michigan, suffered a TBI in 2009 after she fell out of a moving golf cart. She says: “My anxiety, depression and PTSD affect me every day. Some days I have bursts of anger, and others I’m extremely emotional and cry about most things. I’m always anxious about everything.”

Julie Nowak from Toronto, Ontario, Canada suffered a TBI in 2014 from a biking accident. She says:
“We live in an ‘able-ist’ world that does not know how to deal with mental health. When I tell people about my anxiety, I am told to stop worrying. We don’t tell someone in a wheelchair to walk, so why would you tell an anxious person to stop being anxious? We need to have more empathy, and we need people who will be with us during our struggles, and love us regardless, rather than tell us to change. Large, loud groups of people trigger my social anxiety, and I often cannot be in these spaces. Yet if I want to socialize with my peers who are in their twenties and thirties, these group settings are typically my only options. Thus, I am forced to choose between anxiety and loneliness.”

Anxiety and depression tend to go hand in hand, and are extremely common for those with TBI and chronic pain. I am fortunate to have found a great therapist who is helping me work though my fears, and he is also teaching me how to get a better grip on them.

Amy Zellmer

Amy is an author, professional photographer and creative business coach located in Saint Paul, MN. She is also a frequent contributor to the Huffington Post & a TBI survivor. She recently published her first book: "Life With a Traumatic Brain Injury: Finding the Road Back to Normal".

She has an obsession with Starbucks coffee, Miss Me jeans, and all things glittery and sparkly. She enjoys traveling the country with her eight pound Yorkie named Pixxie, and instagrams her journeys.