20 Sex Positive, Body Positive Blogs to Sink Into

Sex Positive Blogs

On my very first Vivid & Brave post, I came out of the bi girl closet, waving my sparkly rainbow flag of pride.  And I didn’t stop there, with sweaty palms and jittery as all get out, I shared that post on my personal Facebook feed.

You know, the place where my business clients, close friends, friends I haven’t spoken to in years and innocent (or really, probably not, nobody is truly what they seem) family all congregate? Whew. Intense.

But I’m not really sure why I was so nervous. I was met with abundant positivity, lots of “you go, girl!” camaraderie and it opened up the space for others to share their experiences, both in that thread and by private message.

And having people feel safe sharing their experiences with me and others, was exactly the reason I pushed past my fears and my overly dramatic, negative imaginings of what could happen.

That experience gives me even more inspiration to be the proud flag waver, as loud and as bright as I can be. Not just for bi girls, but for anyone that feels a little uncomfortable about what they like between the sheets.

I know there are a lot of you hiding your true sexual selves from your friends, family, peers and so on. You feel scared. You feel anxious. You don’t feel ready to share.

I get that. And you don’t need to rush, or ever share in the same way that I did. We all have our paths to follow. But to remind you that you aren’t alone, and that, in fact, the rest of the world is pretty darn kinky and weird too….here are 20 sex positive, body positive blogs to dig into.

And, of course, keep on reading Vivid & Brave, because it’s #1 in my book. No bias, truly.

<<NSFW warning: I chose blogs that weren’t especially visually explicit, rather than racy erotica or Tumblr blogs, rawr, but you might want to make sure your computer screen or phone isn’t wide open visible, just in case. The blog’s vibe on this site is much like on Plug Lust where you can find very informative posts regarding sex safety and proper way of doing things. At the end of the day, these are blogs that write about sex, so ya never know what they might post!>>

1. Dan Savage, Savage Love – Dan is just about one of the most brutally honest, sex positive guys you could ever go to for advice. I love his blunt, but loving dose of reality. In addition to the blog, he also has a long running podcast that is equally awesome. Get yourself a bottle of wine, and enjoy those archives!

2. Kimchi Cuddles  – A poly, queer, genderqueer blog that is 100% awesome, thought provoking and fun…not least of all because, it’s a comic strip. What’s not to love?

3. Kendra Holliday, The Beautiful Kind – Kendra started her blog anonymously in 2006, and has since turned it into an openminded, all inclusive place for shy curious folks to come and explore their sexuality. We need more of those spaces, online and off.

4. Girl on the Net  – Proving that yes, we girls can be downright nasty, perverted, hot ‘n heavy and that’s OK. Guys have had all the raunchy fun for way too long. It’s time for us ladies to speak up about our sexual needs, fantasies and turn ons. If liberation floats your boat, you’ll love this blog.

5. Hey Epiphora – There is literally an epic fuck-ton of sex toy review sites on the interwebs, most of them not so great. And seriously, I’m a fan of toys, but I want a little more oomph, a little more character to liven a review up. This blog is the ideal, IMHO. Funny, informative and jam packed with reviews. Check.it.out!

The above five are probably my favorites from my research, but the below are awesome in their own unique snowflake way. So click through, browse about and see which ones are your favorite. After all, it’s always something a bit different that floats our collective boats, yes?

6. Slutty Girl Problems

7. Redhead Bedhead

8. Walker Thornton

9. Molly’s Daily Kiss

10. CaraSutra

11. ErosBlog 

12. Vagina Antics

13. The Dirty Normal

14. Dr. Nerd Love

15. Dangerous Lilly

16. Oh Joy Sex Toy

17. Sex Love Liberation

18. Ann St Vincent 

19. Marriage Heat

20. Curvaceous Dee 

I hope this gives you some more sex positive, kinky, body positive, mind bending fun to fill your day. And, if by reading a post on one of these awesome blogs…or perhaps following a link from this blog, to that blog and then finding a link there to the perfect sex blog for you, which then by reading, leads to your happily ever after sexual fulfillment…then my job is done!

And that, my friend, calls for a glass of wine. Hmmm. Perhaps even two?

Happy reading + till next time, xoxo.

Erin Kelly

Erin Kelly is an Avenger of Sexiness, spending her days creating sparkly fun marketing strategy for online business owners, and her nights sharing ways to embrace more sensuality and sexiness into your life. Her daily goal is to show women they can have the life they want RIGHT NOW, both in business + in the bedroom. She lives in Olympia, WA with her husband and two ridiculously cute dogs. Hiking, biking, cooking yummy food + drinking wine are high on her "life is good" list.