You Do You!

Recently I read an article on originally published in Scientific American entitled: “Men are attracted to nonconformist women: The science that explains the “manic pixie dream girl” cliché.” Read it here I recommend reading the article but the gist of it is the fact that both men and women tend to prefer partners who are nonconformist – whether it be in dress, thoughts, careers etc. This may not be shocking to you or it may rock your world. A lot of conventional wisdom, particularly for women, has been that in order to be attractive to men they needed to be X, Y, or Z.

You do you!

I have been thinking about this a lot since I read the article. There is absolutely a time in my life where I felt because I wasn’t X, Y or Z (for me that was thin, very successful in my career and twice divorced) that I would never be able to find a partner. The irony of this is that I have rarely struggled to meet people when I have put myself out there – I may not have met the people I have wanted to meet or the right fit for me but meeting people hasn’t been a challenge.

What has been a challenge has been my own self-image and how that impacted my confidence level and I believe that my lack of confidence in myself has, at times, made me way less attractive than the size of my body or my weekly paystub.

The last time I went out on the dating market, I made a decision to show up exactly as myself. I don’t mean that I dumped all of my deep, dark, horrible secrets on the table the first time I met someone but I decided that if I thought something, I’d say it, if I had a preference for something, I’d express it, if I had a challenge, I’d bring it up. I would dress in ways that made me comfortable and that made me feel good about me. I would just do me and see where the chips landed. I had a few dates that didn’t click until one did and it continued to click for close to a year.

As I have looked back on this relationship, one thing that I am so very happy to take from it is that I can be me and show up as I am and I can find someone for whom that is a-ok. I can be vulnerable, I can be a jerk at times, I can be thoughtful and loving and warm. When I worry that my inclination to take care of someone may be too much, I can give it a shot and know that if it is too much for them then I am too much for them. I can tell someone when I am scared and I can let them reassure me. But most importantly, I can love fiercely with all of myself and that can be a lot more than ok.

As I process the grief of this relationship and try to learn the lessons that it was intended to teach me, I look back on the ways that I showed up as myself, as I maintained my integrity and I didn’t hold back out of fear. Now that I know I am capable of doing it once, I know I’ll be able to do it again. When I’m ready, which won’t be for quite a while.

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