I Truly Believe You Are Amazing – Things You Should Know Thursday

Working as a boudoir photographer for over 5 years, I can tell you a lot of things that women do consistently. The biggest one is that we apologize for who we are: what we look like, the shape of our body, the scars that we have. “I don’t photograph well.” or “All photographs of me are horrible.” are things I heard right alongside with complaints about the shape of their breasts, of their thighs, or their not perfect stomachs.

The secret is, I saw none of those things about the women before me. I don’t see those things about you either when we meet face to face.

Not in the naive, everyone is soooooooo lovely sort of way. It is a truly, genuine feeling. I don’t notice your size when I see how your eyes light up and sparkle when you are talking about someone you love. I don’t notice the shape of your thighs when I’m listening to your laughter.

I have never once had someone sit in front of my camera and thought to myself, “I won’t be able to photograph them.”

The camera was just a tool for me, one to show you the concrete proof that you are beautiful. Showing women that? THAT is my passion and my purpose. Not just that you are beautiful in the ways that the magazines and the media want you to think that you are, but that you are truly beautiful to the people around you.

So often, I tell people that we only have two ways of seeing ourselves – directly, straight on in a mirror, and in the photos that your friends take and post on Facebook. Why do they always insist on tagging you in the worst ones?

You are multi-dimensional. People see you in motion. They see you from above, from below, from the side, from your best angle. They see you in ways you can never see yourself.

I truly believe you are amazing. My goal in life is to help you see that as well. That is a huge force in everything that I do. You Are Enough.

This video hit me hard this morning. I know how this makeup artist feels. Like her, my camera was my tool … and now my tool is the work that Stephanie & I are doing here at Vivid & Brave. I want to reflect back to you how simply INCREDIBLE you are, and help you build up the strength to go and take that out in to the world – in to your business, in to your life, and to share it with everyone you meet. I hope then that you share it with others as well. You Are Enough.

I believe it to the point that I tattooed it on my forearm so I have to see it every day. You Are Enough.

Stop trying to tell people otherwise.

(Thank you to Jennifer Rozenbaum for sharing the video today on Facebook.)

Things You Should Know Thursdays was inspired by a Vivid & Brave journaling prompt that our Business coaching clients do – “Things you should know if we’re going to be BFFs”. If you share a thing I should know about you, be sure to come back here and leave a comment so I can link to you too! The hashtag for social media is #TYSKT.

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