Things You Should Know – I LOVE the Winter Olympics!

Winter Olympics Are Back? YES!!!I love the Winter Olympics. Sure, the summer games are fun and all, but the Winter Olympics? I will gladly watch any event involving ice or snow.

Growing up in Illinois, we had a huge driveway. It was long and at least two cars wide. I still remember going out and putting on my roller skates on one of the first warm days of spring right after the 1980 Winter Games. One of those days that wasn’t quite warm enough, but the snow was finally gone and you could go outside without being quite so cold. I skated loops around the driveway, in my metal roller skates over my shoes. Those skates could fly. I tucked down low, taking the stance of an Olympic speed skater. In my mind? I was Eric Heiden, or at least the female version of Eric, and I was going for the Gold!

Until I wasn’t going at all.

Then I was just laying on the driveway with what turned out to be a greenstick fracture in my left wrist. Right below where my Timex watch had been on my wrist. I think I still have that watch somewhere, with the scratch on the face as a reminder of the day I was flying around our driveway, inspired by the Winter Olympics.

That hasn’t diminished my love for the Winter Games. To this day, I will set the DVR to record the “not good enough for prime time” events that happen overnight. This year, I will be streaming the Olympics during the day on the NBC Olympics app when I can. I should admit that I felt a fleeting pang of sadness today when I realized that Inspire Photo Retreats is at the same time as the Olympics because I’ll miss a lot of the figure skating. Especially on Monday, when Stephanie & I are teaching our workshop. (I better clear off the DVR before I leave town.)

I look forward to this every 4 years. Maybe it is the beautiful scenery and all of that frosty snow, but I think that it is the actual “thrill of victory and the agony of defeat.”

I love to watch them go for their dreams. To try their hardest, to skate, ski, luge, or whatever it is that they do, as hard as they possibly can so that they can win their Gold medal – or at least go down in flames trying.

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