Taking Risks to Become Dreamers, Explorers and Adventurers

Do you remember life as a child? Our lives were filled with wonder and awe. As children most of us were naturally dreamers, explorers and adventurers. We were driven by imagination. The ordinary things in our life became extraordinary. When you are a child everything seems possible! Then we become adults. As adults we morph into creatures of comfort, thriving on feeling safe and in control. We live according to schedules and plans. Over the years we become more adept at designing, building and adding on to our great kingdoms of comfort. We don’t have time to be uncomfortable, for change, let alone chaos or unrest. In exchange, we are willing to accept the mundane instead of taking risks. And with it our dreams slowly die.

Once upon a time, everything in my life changed. I had no control over it. Nothing in my life was recognizable. It took those big changes in my life to wake me up and to see that I was not really living, but existing. Although difficult in the beginning, change turned out to be the best thing that ever happened to me. Now I have learned to appreciate change. Was the process easy? No! I hated it. I lost sleep over it. Sometimes I made myself physically sick worrying about it. Understanding that I was not in control was the key to it. Life is a risk no matter what.

Something powerful happens when you make a move to step outside of your comfort zone, and when you deviate from the expected and planned course. It is when you experience yourself the most. Sometimes stepping out of your comfort zone is almost like climbing a mountain symbolically. There may be challenges, obstacles, and things that hinder you. However, if it is something you are meant to do, it will feel like an adventure in faith rather than a deadly risk. Eventually you will reach the top. Living on the mountain top is a wonderful thing.

Taking a Leap

It is quite likely that some people don’t really understand what adventure is. Adventure is the means of transporting ourselves out of our normal every day routines. It is opening a door and looking out at life through new eyes. It changes us. Adventure is not necessarily traveling around the world, climbing real mountains, or jumping out of planes. It is in the everyday and all around us. It is everyone’s for the taking. It is not defined by job title or financial status. It is simply participating fully in the moment and looking for new opportunities in life. It is taking risks and pushing ourselves to learn and discover new things. I believe people who partake in a variety of new experiences are more likely to be happy then people who experience very few new things. Adventure can be found in just about every aspect of your life – your career, hobbies, art, your faith, and even in relationships. The greatest adventures in life come about by saying yes to the unknown. My guess is that most people know exactly what they should or need to be doing, but are afraid of the risk.

The rewards are amazing. Adventure will bring out the survivor in you. Even the tiniest hint of risk or danger will teach you to become a person of courage. The warrior in you will rise up.The more you practice stepping out, the more you will look forward to stepping out again. You will learn to overcome fear. As you learn to overcome fear, you will begin to experience new levels of personal growth. Adventure is a tool that heals, builds confidence, self-esteem, and will help you to achieve your goals.

How about it? Are you willing to step out and take a risk? Who cares what others think! This is about YOU. Go for it! What are some risks you feel you may need to take?

Ask yourself two questions:

What would happen if I did? What would happen if I didn’t?

If it’s still in your mind, it is worth taking the risk – Paulo Coelho

Jody Rae Anderson

My name is Jody Rae Anderson and I live in what is known as "The Cold Spot" in northern Minnesota. I am a newlywed, after being a divorced single mom for eight years. I have two gorgeous girls. As a former military wife, I am an adventurer at heart and find it hard to settle down, even in my career. I am a Human Resources Manager by day, and will soon be a post-trauma recovery coach by night. I am known for my love affair with coffee, and I am a hoarder of books. The word bored is not in my vocabulary. I love the wild, rugged outdoors, but will jump at the chance to put on sparkles, a dress, and high heels. I am happiest though when I am either kayaking or traveling by snowmobile across frozen lakes and pulling fish through holes in the ice. My husband and I got married in January on the ice. I am a writer, a wannabe photographer, and recently became an educator to people on sexual assault and PTSD. I am a master at sowing seeds of hope. I have learned that despite tragedy or hardships that may come our way, through hope we can love this beautiful life.

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