It’s Not Grey, It’s Glitter

My first grey hair sprung up at age 21. I remember staring at the mirror in my college apartment and thinking, “What. The. Hell?”
I plucked it out and went on with busy college life.

Over the next few years it happened again and again…a wiry silver strand would lightening bolt out of my head and I would politely tell it to shove off.

This tactic worked pretty well until my early 30’s when I realized that if I continued to pluck my hair I might have bald spots on my head.

At that point I decided to just let it go, figuring it was what it was. And then the opinions of ‘others’ began to pour in. “You are too young to be grey.” “You should try coloring your hair.” “Ohhh, you have grey hair? You should do something about that!”

I decided to start coloring my hair. I did what other people told me I ‘should’ do. What I didn’t realize then was I would being ‘should’ on.

It's Not Grey, It's Glitter by Jane Ammon

Photo by Lisa Novitsky

I spent a few years being creative with my hair. From curly to straight, big highlights to streaks, to pink, purple, and blue, I tried a lot of ‘artistic’ expression with my head. Yet, I never felt it was 100% me. I was unsettled.

Then, while deep in a conversation with an artist I was mentoring I heard myself tell her about my core words, the words I used to define who I am. One of those words is natural.

In that moment I knew what had been unsettling me all those years. I wasn’t being true to who I am by coloring my hair. It didn’t feel right because it wasn’t right for me.

I live in bare feet. I’m happiest in jeans and a tank top. The only makeup I wear is my freckles. Why was I covering my natural glitter? It was time to bring back my hair.

It was time to stop being ‘should’ on. Now. It's Not Grey, It's Glitter by Jane Ammon

I chopped my hair short and stopped dyeing it the next week. Freedom washed over me.

I am going to be 40 in 6 months and I’ve never felt more beautiful than I do now. When I look in the mirror I see the way I was wonderfully made and I like her. I like the natural girl with the glitter in her hair, the light in her eyes and the freckles on her face.

The days of should are over.
There is nothing to cover up anymore.

Jane Ammon

If I could drink milkshakes for dinner every night, I would, yet my kids would never let me get away with it. I think my cat's stinky breath isn't stinky at all, I actually love it.

I’m a listener who creates through photographs and writing.
Creativity unlocks my soul by giving me a voice and empowers me to grow.
I'm on a mission to help others unleash their own inner child through listening to themselves and encouraging their creativity.

I firmly believe:
Every child can be heard.
I hear you. You matter.

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