Countdown to 2014 Journal Prompt #9 – Aim for the Stars! Dream Big!

Yesterday we talked in our journal prompt about what our goals are for 2014, and most people tend to lean towards things that they can measure. Lose a certain amount of weight, book a specific number of clients, make at least a certain income. Measurable goals can be great for marking progress.

What is the point of progress though if you don’t know what your dreams are? The biggest of big dreams. The things you want to accomplish when you aim for the stars.

Knowing where you are going is essential to ever getting there!

If you don’t have a BIG dream that scares you somewhat, what is the point of all of those goals? What are you working towards?

One of my many BIG dreams is to visit all 59 of the National Parks in the United States. Now that I have that big dream, setting the goals becomes so much easier! In 2013, without a lot of planning in advance, I made part of it a reality by driving across the western portion of the United States. I visited 12 National Parks during that road trip, and I’m already planning which ones I want to see in 2014. Some of this is easy to accomplish, but some of the National Parks are quite remote in Alaska. I can’t drive to Hawaii. And the one in America Samoa? Well, I’m still going to have to figure out how to make that one happen.

Vivid & Brave itself is the result of a BIG Dream that Stephanie & I have. 2014 will be a year of working on a lot of goals to shape the future of this website and what we want to accomplish in the world – helping women rediscover their voice, and with it their confidence.

What are your big dreams? List them all out – every single one of them. If you aim for the stars, and can do ANYTHING you want, what would you want to do? What are the dreams you’re too scared to even whisper out loud to anyone? What is the fear that is blocking you from going for it? Would you regret more trying to accomplish the dream and failing, or never trying at all?

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PS – the photo above is from Joshua Tree National Park – part of my 2013 road trip!

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