Business as Usual is Bullshit

I hear it all the time: Miranda asks Sue how her day went, and Sue responds “Oh, you know, business as usual”. Business as usual is bullshit. It’s boring. It’s ineffective. It’s an easy way to fall out of love with your business. While it’s good to have a solid plan when it comes to your daily activities, it’s important to spice things up!

The beautiful thing about being your own boss is that you have the ability to reinvent your business, on the daily. Wait, don’t run away yet! Reinventing your business every day doesn’t have to be exhausting. In fact, I find that when I change things up, my days go faster, I land more clients, and I go to bed feeling giddy.

Being a creature of habit can kill your business, and making small changes can be life changing!

Ready to kick business as usual to the curb? These are some of my favorite tips!

Get Movin’

Studies show that you’re more productive when you’re moving, so get out of your chair and do a brainstorming session while taking a walk. Whenever I’m coming up with a new service, I head out the door and trot around the neighborhood, iPhone in hand, and write down my notes in my handy note taking app (I use Paperless). Not only does a change of scenery make your brain happy, it will prevent you from getting distracted, especially if you’re working from home. Plus, it’s a good way to sneak in a little exercise! Who wouldn’t feel more creative while frolicking through the flowers?


Buy New Office Supplies

A fabulous notebook and pen can change your life. No, I’m not exaggerating. If you’re using a stale spiral notebook and a yellow #2 pencil every day, shake it up and splurge on a notebook you love, and an amazeballs pen.

Infuse Fun Into the Dull Activities

When I’m writing blog posts, or chatting on the phone during a strategy session, I’m often wearing a face mask. I’m obsessed with skin care, and being able to do something luxurious for my skin while I’m handling my business like a rockstar, excites me! Find a way to infuse some fun into the tasks you have to do every day. If you love coffee, head to your favorite coffee shop and answer emails there while enjoying your favorite drink. One of my favorite ways to make answering emails fun is to save the ones that aren’t urgent for when my 9 year old gets home from school. She sits down with me and I ask her how she would answer each email if it was her business. Her ideas are usually hysterical, and it’s a fun way to include her into a part of my business that would otherwise be rather non-eventful!

IMG_1529Love this Lush mask, and please note the lovely notebook and pen (they make note taking fun)!

Shake Up Social Media

Social media is a big part of marketing, so sometimes changing up your regularly scheduled posting habits is the key to breaking business as usual. I love using Instagram as a way to show a behind the scenes look into my life, and build relationships. There are about a zillion Instagram challenges floating around the internet, so if figuring out what to post is hard for you, and you’re trying to bring your personality into your posts, try finding a challenge and uploading a daily image from that. Just do your best to keep it in line with your branding! If Facebook bores you, find a way to make it fun! If you always post articles, switch it up and post a quote image (people eat those up!). Ask a question, join a FB group and get chatty!

Switch Up Your Flow

Something as simple as changing the order in which you tackle your must do tasks can make a huge difference! Keep your brain on its toes by doing different tasks at different times, each day. For example, on Mondays, I sit down and tackle social media first, while on Tuesday I write a blog post as soon as I get to my computer. Wednesdays I start my morning off with a client call, and on Thursdays I’m back to social media while drinking my chai tea. By ensuring no two days are ever exactly the same, you’re less likely to feel yourself growing bored of your regularly scheduled lineup.

As far as I’m concerned, the entire purpose of running your own business is to follow your passion and make something you enjoy your life’s work. If you’re bored to tears, what on earth is the point?!

What are your favorite ways to break up business as usual? I’d love to add your tips to my arsenal!

Kimberly Hadyn

Kim is a business coach determined to help female entrepreneurs run successful, profitable businesses that are not only stress-free, but fun. She is passionate about finding ways to work smarter, not harder, so that she can spend time with her stud muffin and spunky, kind hearted daughter. Kim is a self-proclaimed organizational queen that is couldn't live without Lip Smackers chap stick, fresh flowers or dark chocolate. Real Simple Magazine is her guide to navigating life. Her true obsession lies in branding; she is every business owners biggest cheerleader!