Taking On Too Much

Do you ever take on too much? Too many projects. Too many responsibilities. Just too much! Well this is totally me right now – ok, who am I kidding  – all the time! Currently my list includes: Nursing school, moving and church responsibilities.

Taking On Too Much

Nursing school is new. I am starting my fourth week as I type this. The classes are all accelerated and eight weeks long rather than sixteen. It is seriously no joke. This semester I will be taking a total of five classes; three during the first eight weeks and two the last eight weeks of the semester. Lots of reading and lots of work that needs to be prioritized. I’m only in my fourth week and I question my sanity in choosing this field of work. I have always wanted to be a nurse, but this is seriously hard!

Moving is a must for me right now. The lease I’m in is finally ending for this property that I shared with my ex. I couldn’t walk away from it for nine months after he told me he wanted a divorce. Nine months of living in the house we called home. Nine months of memories every time I turned around. Nine months of hell. So yes, moving is necessary. I feel like it’s the closing of a chapter in my book of life. It makes it final and I can finally completely move on. Moving is so stressful through. I didn’t realize when I married my ex, that he was a hoarder. Seriously! We (more like he) collected so much stuff! Moving is the perfect time to purge all the unnecessary crap from your life. I swear I have filled my trash cans to the point of bursting every week for the last month. SO… MUCH… CRAP! We move this weekend and I am so excited! Thanks to our attorney who explained to us how family law works, now we are able to sell the house, finally sign our divorce papers and move on with our lives.

Life and church responsibilities never go away. Sometimes they seem to compound on each other, other times they seem manageable. Right now is when everything is happening all at once. We have a church program for the kids coming up that I have to help prepare. There is also weekly assignments that I have to have taken care of. On top of being a mom and taking care of my home and family – it’s stressful. There are no real breaks for this single mom anymore, at least when Lil’Man is with me, which is always! If you’ve also reached a stage in life where other people depend on you financially, then life insurance can give you peace of mind in knowing that your family has financial protection.

I miss the summer, only because I got some much needed time to rejuvenate my mind, body and spirit. But I take the little moments when they come, baseball practice, school when I’m between classes, and especially at night when he’s asleep. If I didn’t, I’d be in a strait jacket by now.

There are people in the world that are much smarter than me, and they say that the most stressful life events anyone can have are changing careers, moving and relationships. This year I’ve been through it all and currently going through two of the top three. Needless to say, I have taken on too much at the moment. But that’s me. I feel like I do it to myself all the time. The problem with here is that all of these are necessities – I can’t not do any of them. So I find myself at the end of a very short rope nearly every night.

The truth is, I do take on too much all at once, but I’m willing to bet that I’m not the only one. I think we thrive on it. At the very least it gives us something to complain about. I may take on too much at one time, but it usually is necessary and tends to work itself out in the end. At least this is what I tell myself! Now back to work!

Brandy Speece

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