Preparing Your Business For Major Life Transitions

Things will change. If I’ve learned anything after seventeen years of life, it’s that. Sometimes we know about change, and have time to cope with it. Other times, it hits us unexpectedly and we have to live with the consequences. Right now, I’m preparing to go to college for the first time this fall. Although I’m nervous about how my business can cope with the change, I’m using this summer to ready my business to run when I have less time to devote to hit. Here’s how I’m doing it, along with some helpful tips for you.

Preparing Your Business For Major Life Transitions


Systems, in a nutshell, are tools to help businesses run more efficiently. So why not keep them all in one place? I’ve recently started building up my systems playbook, a binder full of step by step instructions of my core business processes, this including hiring employees for better productivity and I manage them easily with a paystub software. It includes everything from how I run my client processes to my protocol for writing and pitching guest blog posts.

Why? I’m human – I’m human, and I forget things. A lot. I won’t remember every detail for each step of my processes while I’m in school. The goal for my systems playbook is to have every step for every action I take laid out for me so few mistakes are made.

Remember: automation kicks butt. The more systematized you can make your business, the better. Learn why accounting software is vital here.


Think about it: you could write 10 blog posts in a week, then be done for the next few months. Sounds like a dream, right? You can make it a reality through the magic of content batching. Content batching is basically creating a load of content at once for a blog, newsletter, or social media page, scheduling it up, and then forgetting about it. Content batching is great for when you know you’re

Personally, I know that between doing statistics problem sets and writing English papers, I’ll have zero time to devote to keeping up with my social media and guest blogging schedules. So I’m using my free time now to create content for the next few months so I don’t leave my audience hanging while I’m in school.


I don’t know about you, but when my physical and mental health is in the dumps, my business suffers as well. I’m priming myself to lose weight and get into prime physical condition so that doesn’t hold me back anymore. Right now, I’m obese and have several mental disorders, so my health isn’t exactly the best. Since I realized that my health isn’t optimal and have taken steps to change it, however, my mood, life, and business have all improved tremendously. Honestly, I feel healthier than I was 100 pounds ago. That’s because I’m being proactive about my health by walking or dancing for 30 minutes a day; getting 7-8 hours of sleep even if it means me waking up late (if I wake up early and got 2 hours of sleep, my productivity is bad anyway); and not being perfect with my food choices, but being smarter with them.

Sierra Elmore

Sierra Elmore is a high school senior and the owner of 13 Elm Streets. Part graphic design studio and part creative resource, 13 Elm Streets helps whip-smart women create playful and profitable businesses. She created three successful businesses by the age of seventeen and is in the process of starting a nonprofit. When she's not obsessively designing, Sierra enjoys reading and writing young adult fiction, studying psychology, and playing with Bronx, her cat.

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