Favorite Things: Kate Spade Sparkle Shoes!

Keds for Kate Spade in Gold GlitterI was browsing through Facebook when I scrolled by the holiday ad for Kate Spade. There they were. GOLD GLITTER KEDS. Keds for Kate Spade. With gold glitter on them. I immediately shared them on my Facebook wall and said that I must have them.

When Mike came home from work that night and I told him that we simply had to go to the Galleria after dinner, he knew. I was on a mission. Those sparkle shoes simply HAD to be mine.

I almost squealed out loud when I walked in to the store and saw them on display with the companion style of gold polka dots. The sales clerk went to the back and brought out my size, and I tried them on. They made me smile. I purchased them without a moment’s hesitation.

They are quickly becoming a staple of my wardrobe. I plan outfits around wearing them. I’m adding gold glitter to my business branding materials. (I made a gold glitter iPhone case, but quickly had to abandon it because it made my wifi connection drop to almost nothing.) Gold glitter for everyone and everything!

What is that one wardrobe item that always makes you smile when you put it on?

And I just have to ask … do you like to Sparkle Party? (Yes, I like to Sparkle Party…)

Christine Tremoulet

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