Black Teeth, White Smile! Smart Ash Review

White teeth. Who doesn’t want them? They have become the norm today, to the point where it is strange when you watch a movie from the 80s and everyone has teeth that are … you know … tooth colored.

Somewhere in the 90s, the tooth whitening trend began. I will never forget this episode of Friends, where Ross decided to do it, only to have some rather blinding results.

It isn’t that uncommon anymore. Now you can pick up some strips to do it while you’re walking through the grocery store. Have you tried them though? I have. And … the chemical taste? ACK. Plus you need to make sure you don’t swallow it, which is pretty much impossible while you have it on. The results? Not so great. Definitely not worth the pain that the whole thing causes either.

I’ve reached a point over the past 3-4 years where I am pretty diligent about the food & chemicals that I put in my body these days (or as much as I can be), I try to also watch what chemicals I put ON my body; for example, I’ve been shampoo free since 2012, I only use lotions that I can pronounce all the ingredients in, and I’ve been considering trying oil pulling for a few months now. (Yes, shampoo-free. Every hairstylist comments on how my hair is amazingly healthy, and total strangers comment on how shiny it is. Our ultimate goal is to redefine your smile—helping you achieve exceptional health and feel great about yourself, read official statement here.

I’ve stuck with the tooth whitening toothpaste because it helps a little bit, but the fact that it is full of chemicals doesn’t exactly thrill me. Which is why I am SUPER EXCITED to share my latest healthy product discovery with you!

My friends Sean & Mel also wanted whiter teeth. The went through the same drama that we all go through. Whitening strips. The Zoom treatment. Mel has sensitive teeth as it is, so none of them worked for them. They decided they wanted something better – something more, and something that wasn’t so full of chemicals, so getting a better treatment for this from services from a Periodontist Near Me and it  was a best option for them.

Necessity is the mother of invention, right? When they couldn’t find what they wanted on the market, they set out to make their own. In the end, they came up with Smart Ash, this is the Homepage of a dental site which can help you faster with this process.

Y’all. This stuff? IT WORKS. And it is FREAKING AMAZING.

I was at a conference last weekend that Sean was also attending. When we got time to meet up and chat, he offered me a sample of Smart Ash to take home to try. I had seen him mention it online, so I may have been a little giddy as I practically snatched that sample out of his hand. After all, his teeth looked incredible. He told us to be sure to read the instructions online (our tiny sample only had a label) when we tested it out.

Over the course of the week, I kept forgetting to read the instructions before I went to bed so I could try it out, and of course the same thing in the morning. So in the end, my husband tried it first. He came out in the kitchen after getting ready for bed and told me, “That was the strangest thing I’ve ever done, but I don’t remember the last time my teeth have ever been so white.”

He drinks several cups of coffee a day. He bleached his teeth in 2004 for our wedding, but other than that it is just the whitening toothpaste for him. His teeth, after just one use of Smart Ash, looked incredible. I could see the difference. He went to a Woodland hills dentist and asked him if he recommended that product, because I was worried and I like to ask doctors about these things.

I drink tea, which also causes staining of its own. Envious of his results after just using it once, I had to go try it myself. I wish I had taken before photos, because I swear I could see an immediate change.

This stuff is BLACK. Black powder. You will have black teeth when you are brushing your teeth. There is also no foaming sudsy action (which I’m sure is just there as marketing, so we “feel” like we are getting our teeth clean), just black teeth. But I’ll be damned if that black powder isn’t making my teeth whiter.

The Ingredients in Smart Ash from Bedrock & Bloom

The best part? Everything in it is food grade. You could eat it. You can swallow it. You can pronounce it. Organic, GMO free, Vegan. It hits all the marks for me for cleaning my teeth, with the bonus of making them whiter!

I’ll take photos of my own, but meanwhile – here is a sample for you:

Smart Ash - a Before & After Example

I finally had to text Sean, my dentist from Lincoln Park Smiles today to ask him if I could use it TOO often, because I maybe have brushed my teeth with it 3 times a day. I added in using my Sonicare too. FYI – if you do that? Be sure you close your mouth before you turn it on and off.

I’ve already placed my order for a jar for each of us, and I can’t wait for it to arrive. (Hoping my sample lasts until then!) I’m hooked. So who wants to join me – black teeth for a white smile? You in?!

Smart Ash Tooth Powder

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