Your Blog is Like a Dating Profile

Your blog is like a dating profile for your business. Are you standing out or blending in? One easy way to help your readers connect & get to know the real you! #TYSKT #VIVIDANDBRAVEYears ago, back when I was single, I had a profile up on one of the dating sites. For those of you that have never had this joyous experience, here is how it works: you go through round after round of questions, you fill them all out, you upload a few photos, and then you wait for people to contact you, while you start reading all the other profiles and contacting other people.

You hope that what you wrote is witty and charming, and gets across the person that you truly are. As you view other profiles, you come across some that are pretty cliche. Walks on the beach? Check. Love to end the day with a glass of wine? Check. Picnics in the park? CHECK.

You effectively know nothing more about this person than you do about any other person on the site. They all start to run together in one giant puddle.

Then you come across one that is truly outstanding. The things they have to say are different. They tell you that their favorite thing to do on a Sunday morning is to eat cold pizza in bed. That they hate wine, but they will drink a margarita any time one is offered to them.

Whatever the case may be — it is like a zing to the brain and you are SHOCKED. You stop and take notice.

They polarize you with what they have said, either drawing you in (OMG! I love margaritas too!) or they push you away (pizza in bed? Never!). You lean in. You want to know more about them. They are different.

Your blog is like an online dating profile

I know, you’re busy running a business. This is why it is critical that you realize that your blog is just like that dating profile. You are one of many, and you want to get their attention. You want them to pick you for their date! The easiest way to do that? Sharing with your clients the things that make you YOU, the story that is yours alone. It is just like that shock in the dating profile. The zing. You stand out from everyone else.

You are so much more than walks on the beach, drinking wine, followed by picnics in the park. They are looking for that from you. When they come to your blog, they are hoping that you are THE ONE.

Share the things that they should know if they are going to be your BFF.

Yes, it is really THAT easy. You have given everyone who reads your blog a break from the business side of you and provided an insight to who you truly are, and why they should want to connect with you.

Instead of scrolling through an endless list of photographs of your amazing client sessions, 10 different gluten-free recipes, or the latest way to paint Ikea furniture to make it your own? People now get to know you. Which encourages them to come back for all the rest.

They care about what you have to say, which builds trust. Through trust, you’ll get more clients. Your business (and your blog traffic) will grow.

Things You Should Know About Me if We’re Going to be BFFs – #TYSKT

We want to invite you to join us for #TYSKT (Things You Should Know Thursday). Post just one thing that I should know about you if we’re going to be BFFs. Tell a little story behind it, let me in on the details. Be vulnerable. Open up. Let me see the real you.

Choose something that is a non-critical flaw. For example, you don’t want to write about how you really can’t be bothered to check your email more than once a week, or blog more than once a quarter – your clients & your blog readers don’t want to hear that! We all have lots of non-critical flaws, the quirks that make us who we are. Those are the ones you are looking for.

If you would like some inspiration, you can read our previous Things You Should Know posts, and there are more in interspersed in italics in our We Believe page as well.

Make sure to tag your posts with #TYSKT so that we can read them! We love discovering the things we should know about you.

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