Toss Out the Budgets If You Don’t Want To Go Broke

I truly believe budgets keep you broke by keeping you small.

The reason for that is that a traditional budget starts at “how much do you want to spend” and then you need to divide that amount between various business activities, and hope that your business grows. You have limited what you will accomplish by what you have decided to “spend”.

Now I am not by any means encouraging you to just go out and spend money without any plan or strategy, in fact just the opposite, a cash flow plan including the easy ways to make passive income is crucial if you want to increase your profits.

However you need to plan your cash based on the results you want to create in your business, not the other way around. A mistake I see so many entrepreneurs make is they say “I know I need that but I will wait until I have the money” – that thinking and action will limit your opportunities to create and make more money.

You need to know what your business needs and then to strategically plan for it.

Toss Out The Budgets
In order to grow your income, does your business need:
• More clients
• New programs or product offerings
• New equipment
• To add team

Once you have that goal established, set a timeline as to when you want it done. You don’t have to do it all right away. But having a “I will do this, by then”, really helps to put you into action to make it happen.

Once you have created your own deadline, determine the time, materials, supplies and other resources that will create the results you want to achieve. Then you can figure out the cost and what financial resources you need to create and earmark so you can accomplish your goal.

Would an example help?

Toss Out The BudgetsTaking the first goal in the list above of more clients there are 3 ways you can approach this.

1. Just go out there and do whatever it takes to get clients and worry about the cost later, and hope it will pay off at some point.

2. Budget a fixed dollar amount for networking and client generating marketing activities and then see how many new clients you get, or,

3. Decide how many new clients you want, then assess your conversion rate so you know how many people you need to reach and how often you need to network, then determine where your ideal clients hang out and then choose those events. Then use the cost of those events to determine the financial resources you need. If you do need to borrow money, you have a few options, like credit cards and payday loans oklahoma city.

The first approach gobbles up your money and available credit and time faster than you can blink. The second approach limits you to the results you will get by what you allow yourself to invest. The third approach encourages you to decide the outcome you want, and then has you strategically plan and allocate the resources you need to get you there!

One approach leaves your results up to luck, the other approach is based in “no”, and the final approach is all about possibility. Which do you prefer?

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Nafissa Shireen

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