How to Stay Focused on Your Goals This Year

How are you feeling about your goals for the year? Are you feeling good? Still on course?

One of questions I get asked by clients who are just starting up in business is “Should I invest in this course on public speaking/getting leads from Instagram/copywriting/webinars?”

My response is always “Is it on your list?”

There are many amazing courses and resources out there to help your grow your business and whether you’ve been in business for 5 months or 5 years “shiny object syndrome” affects us all. Of course investing in yourself and your business through gaining knowledge is immensely important, and sometimes a course will provide that missing puzzle piece. However, more often than not the best thing we can do for our businesses no matter what stage were at, is to focus. Staying Focused on Your Goals

That’s why every time I make new goals, I make a ‘Keep on Driving’ list. I originally learned this from my mentor Amber McCue and it is simply invaluable if you want to get anything done in your business this year and  possibly save yourself thousands of dollars in wasted investments.

Here’s how to use it:

Step 1: Look through your goals for the next year or quarter, however you like to slice it, and think about where you have gaps in your knowledge or skillset. Do you need to learn how to use social media for your business better? If you’re launching a course this year, do you need to learn how to make your own videos?

Step 2: Make a list of where you need to improve your business toolkit and decide how much more knowledge you need. Are you learning from scratch or just trying to optimize things. Consider whether you really need another course or mentor or if you just need to attend a good webinar or read a book.

Step 3: Ping! Sales email shows up for tantalizing new course. Get 10 new clients in the next 30 days! Learn how to use LinkedIn to grow your business! Is it on your list? Nope? Then keep on driving.

Having a laser focus on where you’re going and what you want to achieve is so important, especially when you’re just starting out and every new opportunity sounds like the answer to all your business and money woes. Now you know exactly what needs your time and investment you can do so guilt free, and when something shiny but not necessary comes up, you can just ‘keep on driving.’

Remember that good ideas will always be just ideas unless you take action now. So, tell me, what’s on your ‘keep on driving list’ for this year?

Mine include videography, creating a membership site and learning NLP. Looking forward to reading yours in the comments below!

Amber-Rose Thomas

Amber Rose is a UK based speaker, writer and life coach. She works with women to ignite their life purpose, and discover their dream careers so they can live fully vibrant and inspired lives. Find her online here.