Top 5 Tips to Become the Best Whatever

5 Tips to Become the Best Whatever

Whether we’re raising families, running businesses, working jobs or being the kingpin of a drug cartel, one thing is for certain.

Habits make the man. Or lady. Or other individual at any point along the gender continuum (or outside of it).

And so, I’ve compiled a list of habits we should all adopt so that we can become the foremost ass-kickers in productivity, self-satisfaction and maybe even land a deal selling energy drinks.

1. Run. Run everywhere, always, like that mailman who hasn’t been promoted to wearing pants yet so he runs to keep himself warm on cool spring mornings. Running has been linked to higher energy, elevated mood and self-esteem, particularly when you’re running with a goal in mind, like a distance or time based personal record. Selfies before and after running is also something that people do.

2. Or you could walk. Like, park your car far away from the grocery store. Make sure you hulk all your grocery bags in the house in one trip because turning around is for suckers and fewer reps with heavier weight is more effective than more reps with a lighter weight. Or something.

3. Or you could be outside more. Being outside reduces stress, improves memory and improves mental health. Bonus points if you’re in nature. Bring bug repellent of your choice, ’tis the season for West Nile after all.

4. You could meditate. Sitting while quieting your thoughts and thoroughly finding yourself in the moment instead of obsessing over what you forgot at the store earlier or if you brought a tick home from your foray outdoors.. what was I saying?

Meditation reduces anxiety, aids with creativity and trains the brain to focus.

5. Get up early. Getting moving early helps set the tone for a day of productivity! You can snag a few moments of peace before the rest of the household stirs from their slumber and come shambling toward the kitchen for Captain Crunch.

If getting up at 5 am to run through parking lots carrying tons of groceries with your eyes closed doesn’t sound like it’ll work for you, there’s always coffee. Coffee works.

Kaitlin Snow

Kaitlin Snow is a graphic designer, mother and gentle herbivore. She spends her time defending herself against wild creatures who are constantly trying to make their way into her house to commit heinous acts of violence against her tiny weird little dog. She is a tornado of oversized man-clothes, red lipstick and a mane of black hair in which she hides a lock picking kit and the middle names of strangers.