The #1 All Natural Lube You Should Try: Like Now

I’m serious. If you haven’t tried coconut oil as your lube of choice, then rush thyself to the nearest natural grocery store after work and pick some up. Your significant other, or heck, your favorite vibrator, will thank you!!!

Why does coconut oil make a ROCKSTAR all natural lube?

– anti fungal
– anti bacterial
– anti viral
– smells yummy
– doesn’t have any nasty chemicals that many processed lubes contain
– feels slick and natural, unlike some of the weird sticky, weird smelling alternatives
– it’s cheaper per ounce than mainstream processed lubes
– you can use it as a massage oil that goes.all.over.
– it’s 100% edible
– can be used for vaginal, anal and/or your self love pleasure
– while it’s an oil, it absorbs quickly so it’s highly unlikely you’ll encounter clogged pores

Coconut Oil - a Natural Lube

Coconut Oil and Condoms – Natural Enemies?

If latex condoms are a must in the bedroom for you right now, be aware that the general belief is that coconut oil and latex condoms do not play well together. Oil degrades latex, which increases the risk of breakages.

Why did I say “general understanding”?

If you do a quick search for coconut oil + latex condoms, you’ll see plenty of people arguing that they haven’t had issues. And this blogger actually performed a rather scientific (for a blogger) experiment to test that assumption.

But, hey, better safe than sorry, right? Use your own personal judgement there.

Your other alternative is to purchase polyurethane condom (non-latex), available from both Trojan and Lifestyles.

Coconut Oil and Toys

If you’re using high grade toys (which I’d recommend regardless of the coconut oil), like silicone, glass or metal, then you’ll have no issues. If you’re playing around with toys of questionable quality, like jelly, PVC, rubber or latex, you’ll want to either avoid coconut oil or wrap that bad boy in a polyurethane condom.

Or you know, respect your vagina as the magical playground that it is and only purchase the best for it. Life is too short for cheap sex toys! Life is too short for cheap sex toys! Chant it with me!

Coconut Oil as Your Thermostat

My husband and I always joke around about the seasonality of coconut oil. You see, it’s solid at any temp below 76′ F (24′ C). So in the winter, you have to grab a chunk and melt it in your hands (or elsewhere, wink wink). In the summer, it becomes a easily used liquid.

If your home is generally cooler year round, and you find yourself annoyed by having to melt it first…check out the whipped recipe option at the end of this post!

Coconut Oil for Preventing BV (Bacterial Vaginosis) + Yeast Infections

BV is pretty darn prevalent, as are yeast infections, and both make you feel especially icky and broken about your lady parts…so anything that might prevent either or return your balance naturally is pretty darn appealing.

I won’t go into specifics in THIS post, but hey, if using coconut oil as a lube has the potential to help you keep your vagina in tip top shape, that’s a win/win! If you’re suffering from BV currently, and are looking for natural remedies, check this coconut oil loving article out. And here’s one for yeast infections.

What kind of coconut oil should you buy & where to get it.

There are two types of coconut oil – refined and unrefined. You’re going to want to purchase unrefined, and preferably extra virgin, organic. And since coconut oil comes in a wide variety of sizes, you can buy a smaller bottle to test things out.

If you aren’t a fan, coconut oil is a superhero in the kitchen and as a massage oil or moisturizer. Heck, you can even clean your face with it, and oil pull.

You can purchase coconut oil on Amazon  (woohoo, and it’s Prime!), at your local natural foods store, many grocery stores, Walmart, CostCo and more. It’s pretty prevalent, and you can giggle, knowing your checkout person has no clue what your plans are for that purchase.

Unlike when you slide a “super sexy, hot, super anal lube” across the counter. Errr, how’s it going? Nice weather we’re having, right?

Want to step up your coconut oil game in the bedroom?

If you’re not new to coconut oil as a lube, or you’re just a go getter DIY type, you can step beyond just the jar of coconut oil on the nightstand. Here are a few recipes to start with!

Chocolate Mint Love Butter –
Life Changing Personal Lube –
“Pussy High” Cannabis Lube* –

Have fun trying something new, and if you find a new fun usage, recipe or coconut oil benefit, come back and comment!

*Obviously, I am recommending this for those that are lucky enough to live in a state with legal access. If you don’t, well, you have the first two to play with!

Erin Kelly

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