If You Never Ask the Question, You Never get the Yes

Glacier National Park in MontanaHow many times do you wish something in your life would go a certain way? How often? Once a month? Once a week? Once a day?

When you feel that way, do you ever ask for it?

Before I arrived at Glacier National Park, I booked a hotel room at Lake McDonald Lodge for both Saturday night and Monday night, the only nights available, and then booked a seat on the Red Bus Tour for Tuesday morning.

You might notice that Sunday night is missing from that list. I was going to have to move to a campground in the park, and then move back to the hotel. Tedious, but there were no campgrounds for Saturday night, and I wanted to be in the hotel on Monday night so I could be on that bus bright and early Tuesday morning without having to pack up camping gear.

Saturday night when I checked in, I realized it was highly unlikely, yet I asked anyways if they had any rooms for Sunday night. Matter of fact, I said to the front desk clerk that I knew it was a crazy request. She happily checked for me – and they had a room!

Monday morning when I woke up, the weather was perfect. I wished I was in the Monday bus tour, but I knew the seats were highly coveted, requiring a booking in advance, and it wasn’t likely.

I asked anyways.

I was told to check back in at 8:50 to see if there were any no-shows. The concierge told me not to count on it, but I came back anyways. I told him I’d be sitting there next to his desk, just in case he had a seat come open.

A minute later, one of the drivers came to check in. “How full is your bus?” “I have one seat left.” The concierge confirmed that I only needed one seat … And I was off!

If I had never asked? I would have missed out on what I was told was one of the most beautiful days in weeks weather-wise. It was glorious. I am so glad I got that seat!

Vanity stands in our way a lot of times. The fear of being vulnerable, of asking for what you want.

People, as a whole, genuinely want to say yes. They want to help you. They want to make your request a reality. They can never do that if you never ask the question.

You are actually denying them the chance to say yes.

Next time you think your request is crazy? Go for it anyways. Get out of your own way. If they say no? You’ll be no worse off than you were beforehand.

The Deer at Lake McDonaldA world of possibilities opens when you are willing to ask the question though. Only then can they say yes!

What question will you ask this week? Who will you give a chance to say yes to you?

I know it is terrifying, but you will never hear someone tell you yes if you never ask the question. Whenever I’m scared, I remind myself of that. In the year I’ve been making a point to do this? I almost always get the yes that I wanted; the yes I never would have heard if I had not asked for it.

I sat by Lake McDonald in Glacier National Park to write this blog post. When done, I went to head up to the ranger program. I looked back, and there was a deer drinking from the lake, just 10 feet from where I had been. Magical.

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