A letter to your mother | Mother’s Day Week Journal Prompt Series

Mother's Day Week Prompts

When I was 5 years old, my mother left my father. She was seven months pregnant at the time, headed into an uncertain future, and she packed us up and moved three hours south to stay with  family while she awaited my brother’s birth. Throughout my early childhood years, she put herself through university, eventually earning her Masters degree, while working sometimes as many as three jobs and raising two kids with the help of my grandparents, who we’d moved across country to be close to.

It was her strength that I drew on when it came time for me to leave my husband. Her perseverance in chasing her dream that led me to chase mine, that taught me that it’s never too late to go after what you want. Her ability to stand back, take a deep breath, and let me go stumbling over obstacles I created myself as a teenager is something I hope to tap into once my kids get to that age. Our relationship is volatile and passionate and deep. We have as many screaming matches as we do belly laughs (possibly more).

This is the power of the mother daughter relationship. I truly believe it is one of the most complicated bonds we will ever have.  It shifts and changes as we age, together, with the women who bring us into and up through this world.

Prompt: Write a letter to your mother about the impact she has had on your life. Be honest and open with yourself. What has she taught you? When do you see her in your life? What moments remind you of her?  What, if anything, do you need to forgive her for?

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