Is It In Your Nature to Want Sex In Nature?

Warmth flushed my face as the sun beat down from a blue sky teeming with clouds. First signs of spring flowers were popping their heads up from beneath the dirty crust of winter’s past. The dogs were frolicking to and fro, meandering listlessly through the trees. Spencer, my yellow lab suffers, from various maladies so on this occasion we took a shortcut on our nightly hike through to path in an open field that was just starting to alight with the richness of fresh green grass. I was soaking up the beautiful scenery and clean fresh air when my eyes floated along the horizon and saw bodies.

At first I second guessed my eyes; I’m in my 43rd year and just the other day I had to pull a piece of paper away to read but it wasn’t my eye sight that was failing me this time – rather, my brain was trying to catch up to the scene unfolding before me. There lying on the grass were two buck naked “adults” in the throes of passion. Now it wasn’t my intention to be a voyeur – it could have been a simple task to continue walking in another direction and let them continue on with their risky business; but you forget I wasn’t travelling light. I had two extremely curious Labrador retrievers, who weren’t sure what to make of this spectacle in the field. These are dogs that bark and lose their shit if a pylon/car/garbage can is put somewhere that wasn’t there the day before.

So trying to be discrete wasn’t an option, as I attempted to coerce my now barking dogs to follow me. The last thing I wanted to do was have to collect them from the little love nest in the field. Looking back I’m certain the couple had as good a laugh as I did. It was quite the scene: me frantically calling my dogs and them scrambling to cover up.

It was such a funny story, me being an unexpected ogler, that I posted it on my Facebook timeline and boy oh boy the stories that unfolded. Let’s just say this seems like a right of passage as the warm weather hits – people start to get interested some sordid outdoor trysts. So I did a little research to see if in fact warm weather has an effect on our sex drive.

Guess what; it does! The sun is a sex machine, boosting our sex drive as it increases a hormone called MSH or for those science nerds: (Melancocyte Stimulating Hormone). It also kicks into overdrive serotonin,  our feel good hormone. So that is why people feel like having sex when spring hits! It’s just nature at its best; however, we need to make sure our reproductive system is working properly, specially women that tend to have more trouble with this, at more information can be found!

Have you considered having sex in this alfresco state? Breeze blowing on your skin, tingling sensation at the back of your neck that someone might be watching? Stimulation of different sounds smells and well even textures under your skin.

After pouring over oodles of articles and yes,  I’m not the first to write about this titillating rendezvous, I’ve discovered this is quite a thing, something that everyone should experience more often then not!

I will summarize the highlights that I garnered from reading all this fascinating material so you to can enjoy this warm weather ritual.

Is it in your nature to want sex in nature? by Shannon Nicholson

Top 3 places to have sex outdoors:

Your back yard – A great place to experiment, with the same sensory benefits as the outdoors while still offering you a little privacy. Well, unless you live in suburbia. Then,  you could put on quite the show for the neighbors.

The beach – Okay this sounds really exotic, tempting, and the sound of waves can only add to the ambiance. But I start thinking about sand in bits that sand shouldn’t be. So this might be best on a blanket, or a lounge chair with a plan for going for a thorough swim after, while you’re there the water could work too!

In the bush – The suggestion is if you are hiking, or mountain biking you find a beautiful view and work up a different kind of sweat. I like it. Sounds good. They do have tips to try doggie style so you aren’t scraping your knees and back on some jagged rocks or tree branches, good to keep that in mind.

Lastly if you are actually planning on having a date in the good ol’ outdoors might I suggest a few things:

  • Wear comfortable and lose clothing that can be easily taken on and off, or not at all if you’re crafty!
  • Do a sweep before getting it on, i.e verify no poisonous plants, ants, or predators. It is said that animals are attracted to our pheromones during sexual activity and here you thought te scariest thing that might stumble up on you would be another person. Did someone say bear?
  • Prepare to increase pleasure – bug spray, maybe some mosquito netting. The “no pain no gain” doesn’t apply to pesky insect bites.
  • Ensure that wherever you are is legal. An interruption from the police could be scarier than a bear.

Ready to throw away your inhibitions? Get naked? Outdoors in a safe place that no one can see you and bugs can’t bite?

Would love to hear if you have any fun stories to tell about your experience “outdoors”!

Shannon Nicholson

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