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That was one heck of a summer. My kids are back in school now and I’m just starting to feel like I know which way is up again. Anyone else feeling that way?

Now that it’s over, I can return from our brief end of summer hiatus and start talking about all the things we have in store for the coming months!

Vivid & Brave turns one next Saturday, and we’ll be announcing some big news that day – including a new and improved form of our amazing self discovery coaching program. There won’t be any new tattoos like when we celebrated our launch, but we still think you’ll be excited to hear what’s in store.

Our Summer Reading List wraps up on the 9th as we finish the last book, Die Empty. We’ll continue talking great, inspiring and informational books throughout the year.

On the 15th of September, the second round of Social Media Infusion starts. Have you snagged your seat yet? It’s all about taking your social media from wishful thinking to strategy you can measure, plan and count on.

Christine and I will be at Grow – Brand Camp in Portland Maine on October 7th and 8th. Christine is a speaker on Day 1, and together we’ll be teaching a class on Day 2. We are both super duper excited to head to Maine for this awesome event, especially me, because we’re “camping” at a nice hotel, instead of somewhere out in the woods or something. Will you be there?

In November, keep your eye out for a pack of prompts to keep you writing and inspired for a long time.

And as always, there will be lots of written goodness to partake in – business, lifestyle, beauty, parenting. We talk about everything around here, and would to have you join this conversation.  Join our mailing list for inspiration in your inbox!

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Stephanie Ostermann

I’m the sort of girl who you meet for coffee and end up pouring your entire heart out to. The friend you come to when you need someone to call it straight. No bullshit. No extras. Just truth.

I’m a communicator. That’s a PC way of saying I like to talk, but I also spend a lot of my time listening, and over the years, I’ve developed a sense for subtext – how one or two words can change your entire message, what people are really trying to say and how to weave the varied layers of your story into one cohesive brand message that your clients fall in love with.

When I'm not acting as editor in chief for Vivid & Brave, you can find me geeking out over words here.

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