Using Weakness to Find Strength

I am the queen of creating good from complete shit. I have been that way since I was a kid, and I am pretty sure it is genetic. My father is the same way – but my sister likes to call me Susie Sunshine or Positive Freaking Patty. Some days you can actually hear her rolling her eyes. I can’t help it – most of the time I am the eternal optimist. Some may call it delusional, I prefer to call it resourceful.

I love to find ways to turn weaknesses into strengths. To turn horrible situations into opportunities for growth. It is how I deal with the world.

I wrote on Facebook recently: “Depth perception and focus were never my strong suits, so I outsourced that %$#^ to my camera”

All kidding aside – this is kind of true.

What weaknesses do you have that you could turn in to strengths?

Weakness is not a bad thing – it’s what we do with those weaknesses to grow, change, and improve our lives that is important. How do we create good things from complete crap?

My running was originally to improve my asthma. My specialist actually told me to try it. The lungs are a muscle and need to be trained. And it worked! I jokingly say that running is my sanity. If I don’t run I am completely unable to deal with the world. So a weakness (my damn lungs) turned into my strength (better mental health and stronger lungs).

My photography business was, in part, because I simply cannot have an employer. I am a shitty employee, and I know this. Self employment is not for sissies, but it has made it possible for me control my own destiny employment wise. My weakness (my complete inability to sit behind a desk) turned in to my biggest strength (I now get to take photos of dogs for a living. Ha!)

I was absolutely terrified of guns and loud noises, so I went out to photograph bird dogs in action a few years ago. When I have my camera in front of me I feel protected, so I thought it would be a great way for me to face my fears. It turns out I love taking photos of dogs in the field – and now I get to do that as part of my job.

Turning Weakness in To Strength

What is a weakness or fear that you can create a strength from? What is something that you currently cannot accept about yourself that you can turn into a positive in your life?

Don’t get distracted by negativity. Stop being mean to yourself and saying “I can’t do this” or “I’m no good at this” or “I’m afraid”.

Don’t dwell on the past and the mistakes you’ve made because of these perceived weaknesses or fears. It’s not worth it. Being mean merely keeps you stagnant.

Ask yourself- what can I do with this? Where can it go? The possibilities are endless if you stop dwelling on the negatives and start seeing the opportunities that are there right in front of you.

Hannah Stonehouse Hudson

My name is Hannah Stonehouse Hudson. Best known for my photography and overly sunny attitude towards life, I wear many hats: a photographer, writer, adventurer, and dog lover.

Like many people, I have had so many crazy things happen in my life that I don’t know where I would be without these events. Whether it’s a world famous photo, moving constantly, traveling around the world, having a near death experience during a miscarriage, or losing my husband unexpectedly, I am at my best in chaos. Change is what I am good at!

I am here to show you that the best can come from the worst. Life is short. Do good things. Pursue your dreams. You won't regret it.

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